So excited! 18 tracks is a very good thing.

After seeing them live, I hope the tracks where the male vocalist takes lead either A) don't make the tracklist at all or B) are regulated to bonus tracks. I'm all for the band doing their thing but the difference in quality was extremely obvious.
I liked the previous version of 'The Mother We Share' better! Boring video by the way.
Can't wait for the album though.
We should be getting clips soonish, right?

I love the new video, and I really love the beefed up version of this song.
Christ this and Holy Ghost within minutes of each other. I'm far more excited for this. Comments on Hasitleaked are also reporting that it has leaked but I've checked the "usual places" and can't find it anywhere yet. It might be an hour or two before this becomes widespread. Three weeks ahead of release is quite sudden for the band too. Has anyone got ahold of this yet? Any good? I would love to hear some early impressions.
Christ I've now got people on Hasitleaked messaging me for a download link. I don't think the site is even designed for that. As for Chvrches' album I'm about to listen now. So far I've just heard "The Mother We Share" and it sounds like it has been given one hell of a production boost. I think this version sounds much better than the first demo they released it for it all those months ago. Are the other tracks not mixed as well? I'll report back once I've heard more.
People need to quite uploading leaks to sites like Rapidgator and Uploaded. Their limited download speeds for free users do the most.
Finished my first listen of the album. Not that impressed to be honest. There's a couple of gems on here that demonstrate the promising electro-pop goodness that we all hoped and expected to be here but there's too many tracks of poorly produced and constructed "noise" that is just unpleasant to listen to. I had hoped it would be an entire album of "Recover" and "Now Is Not The Time" but whilst there's hints of that here I finished the first listen feeling underwhelmed and disappointed with the album as a complete record. I was a little worried when I was reading comments from early listeners who were saying the same thing. Almost every comment I read was negative.

Perhaps I'll have something more positive to say when I've listened to this more fully. For now though, disappointed.
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There's nothing on this album so far that's impressing me that I haven't already heard. The Mother We Share, Lies, Gun, and Recover are all great but aside from that...

Not Janelle and CHVRCHES both disappointing me in one day.
After one listen, I can say I am disappointed and really not feeling it. The singles and the Recover EP are all fantastic. But this album is full of bland mediocrity. Night Sky is about the only song on the album that I hadn't already heard that stands out. The rest just kind of blends together and is utterly forgettable for me. Perhaps most of them will grow on me on repeat listens. But I'm not really getting that impression. It's as if they forgot what a melody is.