Its all a bit Oceanic sounding. Some highlights like the singles, Lies, Under The Tide & Night Sky but the rest is a bit underwhelming. I think its an album that will take a few listens to click.
After my first listen I was disappointed too, but after a few more I'm quite pleased with this. I was obsessed with Lies but their later singles didn't really strike chords with me when they came out (which I guess maybe helps explain why I'm not disappointed, since I didn't play them out). Anyway, they make a lot more sense in the context of the album for me, and the tracks I hadn't heard are worthy complements too. Whether they're slowing it down a bit or just getting a bit darker than the singles, it helps keep it from all getting to be a bit too sweet. Even the male-led tracks don't stick out badly.

One of my favourite pop releases of the year, comparable to True Romance for now. Lots of growing or wearing yet to go though.
I like this. Can't wait for the proper deluxe version to be out to buy as I think it will sound even better in proper HQ with all the bonus tracks.
Not overly impressed with this album either, bit of a snooze fest, which is a shame as I think "Gun" is without a doubt the best single of the year.
I'm surprised at all the negative comments, I think it's a very effective, sparkly, pop album. They play it a lot safer than I expected them to, it almost reminds me of Hands by Little Boots, but that's not necessarily a bad thing in my book.
^Plus one here. I am loving this album! Even the male-lead tracks, which I wasn't a fan of live, shine when you listen to it all. I've only had one full listen but I'm excited for more!
Add me to the Chvrches love. Been looking forward to this since I saw them live a few months ago, and it certainly doesn't disappoint. Looking forward to the bonus tracks.


I like it but feel it lacks a bit of emotion.

I think it will grow on multiple listens.
I think it's a disappointment overall. The band kind of shot themselves in the foot by starting out with tracks that held such powerful, blinding promise. It kind of set expectations too high for their album. The album is just "okay" which I think is the reason people are disappointed. I, like many of you expected a stunning, pristine electro-pop record and their debut is not that. "Night Sky" is great. "Now Is Not The Time" is great. The previously released singles are great.

The rest? A sonic letdown. I'm hoping their future releases are better.
I love the album. I will agree that the singles are certainly the strongest tracks, but I found the rest of the album to be very enjoyable.

I think "By The Throat" is the best bet for a further single release, but I really loved "Lungs", "Science/Visions", and that glittery explosion of synths at the end of "Tether" gave me goosebumps!
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Apologies if this has already been answered earlier in the thread - does anyone know if there will be a Deluxe cd edition, or is it just a standard ? Thanks.
I loved them live but am feeling a sense of dread with some these reviews. I am saving myself for the much underrated CD reveal.

I'm afraid I don't know about a deluxe version. I am hoping there isn't one for at least 2 years.
Don't listen to naysayers. The album is exceptional. "Tether", "Night Sky", and "You Caught the Light" are the best tracks they've put out and I'm actually really glad they saved them for the album. Science / Visions is a rush of energy as well.
Just saw them last night here, in Seattle, and the tracks translated much better live than on the album. "Tether" and its synth explosion gives me goosebumps everytime! The crowd also went crazy for "Under The Tide," which is one of my favorites from the album. They also did a cover of a song but I had a hard time distinguishing who/what song was performed but it was good! I also can't believe they didn't add "Now Is Not The Time" on either the standard or deluxe editions of the album either...
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I think the album is a grower, and this is coming from someone who wasn't big on CHVRCHES. I thought they were Purity Ring Part II.

I think Science/Visions is a masterpiece, especially. I think they should push for a more experimental sound like that one.