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Ciara - 8th Album

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by 4Roses, May 6, 2022.

  1. Single on the way this summer? She was on set for a music video apparently directed by Dave Meyers recently:

  2. Can’t wait.
  4. I am so fucking ready... been spinning Fantasy Ride and Evolution so much this week my mind must have known! I don't think Ciara has ever let me down.
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  5. It would be great if she came full circle. Mainstream label success, a slump and now indie route but back to success. I guess she has major coin regardless so this could be a passion project for all she wants.
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  6. I really thought after Beauty Marks, that she might just hang it up. I'm glad she's persevering! That nostalgic 00s R&B is really the moment, can "Goodies" or "1, 2 Step" take off on TikTok?
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  7. Beauty Marks was a let down for me after Jackie and Ciara...

    But I'm 100% here for more CiCi bops
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  8. Covering Sports Illustrated’s Swimsuit Issue:

  9. I’m always excited for new Ciara music. She is the kind of artist who is going to benefit from TikTok hype.
  10. Honestly I feel so ready for her to be back, bring it on!
  11. Sounds like a smash

  12. Yeah, out of all of her R&B/Pop peers of the early to mid 2000’s, she’d really thrive in the TikTok era. 2nd only to Rihanna if she ever comes back.
  13. -M-


    Snippet sounds like a massive bop that is just begging for some TikTok dance challenges. Is there any indication on when she might release this?
  14. I’m dead at replies and quotes on Twitter focusing more on the gas prices in the back than the song.

  15. I’m excited for some new Ciara! Her bops are BOPS.
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  16. Thank god. I need another Ciara Summer.
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