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Ciara - 8th Album

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by 4Roses, May 6, 2022.

  1. Spotify exclusives are so annoying damn, I wanna bop to Treat!
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  2. What's weird is that it wasn't even advertised as such? It's almost as if they just didn't bother uploading it elsewhere.
  3. Ciara getting coin from Rice Krispies and Spotify?

    A businesswoman!
  4. It doesn’t reinvent the wheel at all, but boy is it a bop.

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  5. I actually really love this, its EVERYTHING I love about Ciara. She's going to destroy us in this video I fear!
    Coast Contra serving mid 2000s Ying Yang twins!
  6. If you do something well, keep doing it! I'm excited for the video too.
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  7. Why are the verses basically the chorus of Fifth Harmony's Not That Kinda Girl?
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  8. Jump is absolutely massive, the first listen didn't hit me as hard as I wanted it to but after two or three spins this has stuck to me like glue so I can only imagine the video is gonna cement that.

    Does it reinvent the wheel? No. But that wheel is SLICK and it's a rare occasion these days where a rap feature feels like it actually elevates the track, the 2000s vibes are immaculate.
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  9. This is really fun. It reminds me of "Work", which is definitely a good thing. It's nice to see a normal song length, too.
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  10. It definitely sounds a lot like Work. She’s still got it.
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  11. THAT VIDEO ...WOW.
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  12. The outfits! The set ups! THE JUMPING CARS!!

    The sparkler ends on her braids?? IS SHE SERIOUS?! I am GAGGED.
  13. The video is incredible
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  14. The video is a serve. I’m so here for this new era!
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  15. Not sparkler braids! Yasss CiCi! Love the song. Love the video. This serve is going into heavy rotation for me stat!
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  16. The video is such a stunning serve. She truly is one of the most captivating stars we have working today, and the boppiness of the track increases with every listen. Reminds me of the classic days when her music would blast through the speakers at school dances.
  17. I’m loving this. CiCi always brings an energy to everything she does. It’s so infectious.
  18. The video is at times giving Lil Mama covering Runaway by Janet video... but also can no stop playing it. Yes Ci.
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