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Ciara - 8th Album

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by 4Roses, May 6, 2022.

  1. The video gave me Missy Elliott vibes but I also agree that the CGI could be better.
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  2. The whole package is a total serve. Also the multiple reference to The Evolution got me a lil misty eyed. It's also nice to have an RnB bop with BPM for a change *looks at newer pop girls' sporadic catalogues*. The braids scene is also incredible. I love her.
  3. It's so good to have Ciara back, in full superstar mode no less. The chorus was a tad underwhelming at first but it's growing on me like crazy. The rap section is great.

    The way she swerved product placement in this video while separately gifting us another genuine bop with her Rice Krispies partnership. Queen.
  4. Pretty sure the CGI is a stylistic choice.

    Also, considering Ciara seems to have her own clothing line, I'd go out on a limb and tender that the multiple looks are at the very least a tie-in.
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  5. The comments about the green screen being questionable compared to its comparable videos from the 2000s....yawn.

    Maybe try watching it in 360p if you want that unlockable CGI 2005 experience.
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  6. The product placement is her.
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  7. Let's all thank Ciara for reminding Dave Meyers how to make a good music video. This has to be his best in a while, and certainly refreshing after the hot mess that was Sweetest Pie.
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  8. Let's go back to 4:3 ratio for an even more authentic experience
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  9. This bangs and it's like 200% CiCi. The beat under Contra's verse especially is hot. Great first taste!
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  10. "Jump" is cute but we are not talking enough about unexpected MEGABOP "Treat"! The easy breeziness! The floaty vocals evaporating in the background! That st00pid "Level Up" call back! The chirrens joining the last chorus! The way it literally sounds sugary?!


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  11. I completely agree, it has certainly whet my appetite.
    I am ready for her next great album (after being slightly whelmed by Beauty Marks, Thinkin Bout You aside), and I hope she manages to do a show over here I can see.
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  12. Jump has had me in a complete choke hold so I've been revisiting her discography. Gurls let me tell you this morning on my commute when G is for Girl came on.... it slapped so hard my car almost ended up in a ditch. We do not deserve this woman.
  13. Mr.Arroz

    Mr.Arroz Staff Member

    "Treat" encapsulates everything "expected" from Ciara but it's nowhere near a parody or below her. It's just a light, airy, and warm bop that floats around you. What a jam.
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  14. I think what I love about it most on top of all of this is that it’s so effortless, it just glides.
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    Mr.Arroz Staff Member

    A cloud of joy!
  16. I somehow missed this but what a fun little bop! I love her.
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  17. I know she’s not having blazing commercial success like back in the day, but it’s so awesome to see her just keep pushing on. And it feels like she’s actually appreciated now and getting her flowers…a far cry from all the shit she got after Fantasy Ride and the Basic Instinct eras. She’s one of the most consistent artists of the last decade and change…she deserves the respect for that.
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  18. It probably helps she doesn’t do this for money. It seems more like a passion project.
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  19. Jump and Treat are so fun! I’m ready for another.
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  20. I'd love for her to do something unexpected and out the box. 'Jump' felt like a rehash of a sound she's absolutely nailed to the cross at this point, and with diminishing returns. Gimme Dat, Got Me Good, I'm Out, Work....

    She should now have the creative freedom to bring something new to the table.
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