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Ciara - 8th Album

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by 4Roses, May 6, 2022.

  1. I knew it reminded me of something. That's it!
  2. Mr.Arroz

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  3. I still haven't forgotten the serve her Circus support slot was.
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  4. It's very blatant but I'm bopping.
  5. She really would though. Sadly her getting to do it solo is unrealistic, but I'd love if she got to do it as part of a group like what happened in the last halftime show. Something like Missy, Timbaland and Ciara (with a bunch of guests who have featured in their songs) would be iconic.
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  6. It's okay, nice and breezy but doesn't really jump off the page. Summer sounds super congested in parts. Video is cute.
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  7. It was a bit of a bummer when she wasn't at Missy's Superbowl performance during "Lose Control." I think Missy adores her.
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  8. Oh I actually totally forgot Missy had already appeared in a halftime show. Granted it was just as a guest, but it makes it pretty unlikely she'll do another one. There goes my idea dd
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  9. The fact that this tweet is still up, after all these years
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  10. Love the song but whoever did vocal production did Summer so dirty! Ciara sounds so smoothe throughout but I hear a lot of auto tune on Summer. It’s a bit jarring going between the two.
  11. There’s always heavy vocal processing/pitch correction on Summer’s vocals, even on her solo stuff. At least to my ears!
  12. Collaboration with Walker Hayes:

  13. I'm still furious that Jump didn't become the smash it deserved to be. Such a banger. And the video is one of the best I've seen from any artist in years.
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  14. Glad I wasn’t the only one who thought this! No disrespect to CiCi, as she is a legend in her own right, but It’s a sad day when the support act is better than the main player…and CiCi stole the Circus show front and center!
  15. I don't love the chorus, but her parts on the Walker Hayes song are fire. She sounds really good. A Bebe Rexha moment!
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  16. Her team not releasing “C.R.U.S.H.” and “Addicted” from The Evolution: Bonus Track Edition is a bitter grudge I’m enthusiastically taking to the grave. Slaps on the hand aren’t enough to be honest!
  17. The dictionary definition of a maximising a joint slay

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