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Ciara - 8th Album

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by 4Roses, May 6, 2022.

  1. Is there a reason "That's Right" never got the proper push it deserved, particularly given they shelled out for a video?
  2. She saw her pal Kelly defend an abuser and she was like hold my beer! Let me stan an abuser AND a pedophile!

  3. Yikes.
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  4. Well she won’t be seeing a hit beyond that tweet going semi-viral so good for her!
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  5. This, though my decades-long bitterness is most reserved for Hotline not being released over And I.
  6. "Hotline" was the obvious fourth single from Goodies. I genuinely don't understand what her team were thinking when they released "And I." I would've even considered pushing "Hotline" as Single No. 3 and bumping "Oh" to Single No. 4.
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  7. "And I" became kind of a karaoke classic, though. I feel like I've seen so many covers of it on YouTube over the years.
  8. I don't think that its status as a karaoke classic makes up for it destroying Goodies' otherwise very solid Billboard Hot 100 Top 2 run with its peak at No. 96.
  9. And I is nowhere near as good as the other three, but I can imagine it made sense at the time to go for a "let's show the artist's range"/"ballads sell the album" kind of single. Probably could have released another bop before it and saved it for single #5 though.
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  10. 'Hotline' was fucking wasted as an album track.

    The Evolution got the right singles, though. Fantasy Ride too, although 'Work' should have received a massive push instead of the little promo it got. That was a bop and a half.

    Basic Instinct: Turn It Up.
    Ciara: Livin' It Up.
    Jackie: Kiss & Tell.
    Beauty Marks: Girl Gang.
  11. Mr.Arroz

    Mr.Arroz Staff Member

    Let's celebrate a classic instead

  12. Damn, this week has been brutal. The amount of artists I’ve had to scrap from my Spotify playlists. They’ll never get that 0.00000000032 cents from me ever again.
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  13. I've always been curious—do ballads really sell albums? I get the logic, but I don't think that releasing a ballad as a single is necessary unless the artist can really sang—and Goodies-era Ciara could not.
  14. She’ll be performing a medley of Better Things (sans Summer), Jump and a new song on Rockin’ Eve, and she said that ‘winning’ would be the theme for 2023 (album title or new single hint?)
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  15. Good luck winning that stage you speak of.
  16. New single on the way:

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  17. Bop.
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