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Ciara - Beauty Marks (7th Album)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Mr.Arroz, Jul 14, 2016.

  1. Tell Me What Your Name Is is soooo gooood. Her smash hit single that never was.
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  2. If I were to do a 'Ciara: Album Tracks Collection' it would probably include the below tracks (not including 'Beauty Marks' as I still need to listen to it a few more times-
    Thug Style
    My Love
    So Hard
    G Is For Girl (A-Z)
    Tell Me What Your Name Is
    Heavy Rotation
    Wants For Dinner
    Kiss & Tell

    She has a pretty good selection of album tracks, but I do agree that she doesn't have that one defining album that shows her true potential. I'd say her most solid albums are 'Goodies' and 'Ciara'. Her highest highs are on 'The Evolution' in my opinion.
    But I'm obsessed with her this era, she just exudes positivity and self-acceptance. I think she's contempt with her success, rather than trying to chase the Rihanna/Beyonce levels that she may have wanted previously
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  4. Pucker Up is genuinely one of my favorite bangers of all time. It's so extra and amazing.
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  5. It’s not an exaggeration to say every song on the self-titled should have been a smash.
  6. I feel like Give Me Love from Jackie could have smashed in the UK.
  7. Jackie had many potential hits.

    None of them released obviously. Poor Kiss & Tell.

  8. Also the album is really cute.
  9. re: Jackie. Dance Like We're Making Love is a stone cold jam and deceptively addicting. It's too bad I Bet didn't end up being a bigger commercial moment. Both Cici classics.

    Oh yes.
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  10. Backseat Love is her best song without a doubt.
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  11. Overdose flopping was a hate crime.
  12. I think Super Turnt Up is her absolute best for me.
  13. I remember both dropping and thinking we had a huge comeback moment on our hands ddd. I mean in many ways she’s cemented her legacy since then which is better in some ways. Everyone is putting respect on her name, and to her credit she’s STILL here and still pretty on the pulse.
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  14. I really thought I Bet was gonna be a slow burn moment building off of the goodwill of Body Party being a lowkey hit and self-titled being well received.

    She seems to be very satisfied where she is professionally (and personally) so I can only hope for continued happiness and a 40min album of bops and a few sex jams every 2 years or so.
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  15. The run from Dose to Greatest Love, Trust Myself has already earned a place in my top 5.

    Miss Cici did that and I couldn't be more pleased to watch her reach a new musical peak without a major label. She really won.

  16. She best tour Europe (come to Manchester) after this rather great album
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  17. I Bet was certified Platinum, so it was a low-key hit.
  18. 2014

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  19. CIARA was literally sickening.

    So soft, my skin
    So soft, my booty
    So soft, my bed
    So soft, I got him sayin'
    Give me more, I got him sayin'
    Give me more, I got him sayin'
    Give me more, I got him sayin'

    Anyone who hasn't listened to CIARA needs step their pu$$y up!
  20. That BRIDGE.

    Off the wall, body to body you and I, all through the night, baby

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