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Ciara - Beauty Marks (7th Album)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Mr.Arroz, Jul 14, 2016.

  1. Can we stop with the Ciara bashing.

    She has constantly delivered pure bops and sexy slow jams throughout her career, whilst always looking on point. She understands her lane but also knows how to evolve musically without losing her brand DNA. She truly loves and has passion for her career and hasn’t had it easy. She’s 7 albums in when most of her early to mid 2000 peers have fallen off the radar. She has shown true persistence in an industry that still only allows 1 or 2 big female artists of colour every decade to shine.

    She is also an amazing live performer that doesn’t receive the credit she deserves.

    Sure she doesn’t make artistically rich albums but she makes one hell of a gym playlist.

    Sorry rant over
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  2. I Love Myself (8/10) - not the best opening to an album but when "no more drama, no more pain" comes in, I'm like "yas!" It's a hooky chorus and I like the funky vibe.
    Level Up (8/10) - she knows how to bring the bops, c'mon!
    Set (7/10) - oddly, I'd have preferred hearing Kelly Rowland feature on this track. It feels like it could elevate it somewhat with another female voice.
    Thinkin Bout You (8/10) - love the vibe, so summery. Her voice is great on this too.
    Trust Myself (7.5/10) - lovely melody.
    Girl Gang (7/10) - Kelly sounds good on this. It feels very much like a Kelly track from one of her previous albums. The song itself is okay, not my favourite.
    Dose (8.5/10) - the minute I heard "Darkchild" I was excited. The song does not disappointed. Best on the album for me.
    Na Na (8/10) - another summery-vibe track. It's very feel-good. Catchy hook.
    Freak Me (7.5/10) - I think this will grow on me but right now it isn't grabbing me as much but I like the instrumental.
    Greatest Love (6.5/10) - Weakest track, I sort of zone out. It doesn't grab me in any way, sadly.
    Beauty Marks (8/10) - I think she sounds beautiful on this. Lovely.

    I like this album and the fact it doesn't outstay it's welcome. Some I think will grow on me more with repeated listens. I get some of the criticism and there isn't anything mind-blowingly original but there isn't anything God-damn awful either.

    I love the almost Janet/Jennifer Rush (is that who I'm thinking of?) style album cover too.
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  3. Nobody's bashing, hun, this thread is full of love. People can be lukewarm on the album while still being aware that she's the living tits.
  4. The issue with this album is that you have to skip track 2 when at work - I keep catching myself doing the odd booty pop/neck turning to the beat of Level Up while typing.
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  5. I think it’s more the revisionism over her discography. She’s been very consistent and I think there’s enough sonic differentiation between Fantasy Ride - Basic Instinct - CIARA (her strongest run of albums) that gives her an edge above some of her more anonymous peers who have since fallen off. There’s a reason she’s still releasing music on her own label: she gives a shit, and I think that translates to a large part of the music even if it isn’t always reinventing the wheel.
  6. Finally got around to giving this a full spin. Even if the pre-release tracks are the highlights, it’s a solid, cohesive, collection of bops that keeps it short and sweet.

    It wasn’t in HDD’s top 20 predictions today.
  7. Just had my “Girl Gang” cherry popped, thanks to your album highlight mentions. Please fucking tell me that’s going to be a single!!!!!
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  8. Set is such a BOP.

    You count me out, accountants counts me in
    always makes me think of
  9. Why does Macklemore sound like Lil Wayne doing a TED Talk.
  10. I’ve decided that Thinkin Bout You is the perfect pop song.

    That is all.
  11. Honestly, this is a totally solid album. Short and sweet too. There are really only 2-3 songs I skip, and they’re not necessarily terrible.
  12. The album really clicked with me this morning when I had the flat to myself getting ready for work whilst trying to shake off my hangover.

    Surprisingly, the song that I like the least is the one with my queen Kelly Rowland.
  13. RainOnFire

    RainOnFire Moderator

    I've tried, but I kinda hate I Love Myself. It feels so unnecessarily languid, and completely starts the album off on the wrong foot. All of her previous opening tracks have been amazing, so it's even more of a letdown in that regard.

    Also it's not like anything from this album is gonna be a hit, but it'd still be nice if she made Set an official single. It absolutely knocks.
  14. Did this flop? What are the sales?
  15. It's not officially charted yet, but the fact that no predictions have been posted so far probably tells us everything we need to know.

    Just keep bopping and ignore the charts.
  16. It's such a grower of an album. I haven't been able to stop listening to it this week. Trust Myself has really grown to be a favourite now.
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  17. An independent, digital-only Ciara release was never going to bother the charts.
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  18. There's a physical, I have it!
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  19. What a flop! Let me go correct this ci-error with a cute little Amazon purchase.
  20. I'm happy my CD arrived yesterday and I have been bopping in the car.
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