Ciara - CiCi (EP)

Why would her old label hand over her masters for free? Amazing if true but surely they’d want a slice of the “£” pie?
It's a misunderstanding, her actual Jive masters for the first few albums are her because her husband gifted them to her - in the video she's speaking about the label that was about to release Level Up, who gave her the master(s) for that pre release. Or at least that's what Lil Cicis are saying.
Yeah I thought it was clear from that video that the label didn’t care for the Level Up sessions and went Fleetwood_Mac-Go_Your_Own_Way.mp3
A cute sponsored bop for Rice Krispies:

You're my favourite treat treat treat treat treat treat
How'd you get so sweet sweet sweet sweet

I get the feeling she's still a bit underrated, while through her career she gave us so many gems. Goodies, 1,2 Step, Like a Boy, High Price, Love Sex Magic, Work, Ride, Dance Like We're Making Love, Level Up, Freak Me... oh my God!