Ciara - "Da Girls" + 8th Album

It's so good to have Ciara back, in full superstar mode no less. The chorus was a tad underwhelming at first but it's growing on me like crazy. The rap section is great.

The way she swerved product placement in this video while separately gifting us another genuine bop with her Rice Krispies partnership. Queen.
Pretty sure the CGI is a stylistic choice.

Also, considering Ciara seems to have her own clothing line, I'd go out on a limb and tender that the multiple looks are at the very least a tie-in.
"Jump" is cute but we are not talking enough about unexpected MEGABOP "Treat"! The easy breeziness! The floaty vocals evaporating in the background! That st00pid "Level Up" call back! The chirrens joining the last chorus! The way it literally sounds sugary?!


I know she’s not having blazing commercial success like back in the day, but it’s so awesome to see her just keep pushing on. And it feels like she’s actually appreciated now and getting her flowers…a far cry from all the shit she got after Fantasy Ride and the Basic Instinct eras. She’s one of the most consistent artists of the last decade and change…she deserves the respect for that.
I'd love for her to do something unexpected and out the box. 'Jump' felt like a rehash of a sound she's absolutely nailed to the cross at this point, and with diminishing returns. Gimme Dat, Got Me Good, I'm Out, Work....

She should now have the creative freedom to bring something new to the table.
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