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Ciara | Jackie (Album)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by teddie88, Jan 13, 2015.

  1. Re: Ciara | Album 6 + Singles.

    I actually love this. It's nothing particularly new for her, but that chorus is amazing. I don't think it's going to be a hit so I hope this is genuinely intended as a buzz single, rather than getting labelled that later after it flops and then not even being included on the album.
  2. KAG


    Re: Ciara | Album 6 + Singles.

    'I Bet' is incredibly boring. It doesn't really go anywhere.
  3. Re: Ciara | Album 6 + Singles.

    The chorus is fantastic. I'm hooked.
    Verses are growing on me too.
  4. Re: Ciara | Album 6 + Singles.

    Wasn't expecting this sound from her - especially acoustic guitar being involved - but I'm loving this direction! It's got a great hook.
  5. Re: Ciara | Album 6 + Singles.

    Hot. Great idea.
  6. Re: Ciara | Album 6 + Singles.

    Gorgeous and understated. She of course sounds rich and velvety, and the lyrics are pretty devastating. I love the turn the song takes after the bridge (which that key change, oh wow).
  7. Re: Ciara | Album 6 + Singles.

    'I Bet' is gorgeous. It feels very 2008/2009, I like it. Not so keen on the album title, but I can deal with it. I have high hopes for this album, Ciara had so many great songs especially 'DUI' and 'Overdose'.
  8. Re: Ciara | Album 6 + Singles.

    I like that she doesn't seem as invested in getting hits. It's made her far more interesting to me and I think it gives her more freedom even on a major label.
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    Well 'I Bet' is pretty great, pleasantly surprised. Really looking forward to the album
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    I just hope this album doesn't have the long, painful release process that "One Woman Army" / "Ciara" had. I'll be genuinely shocked if "Jackie" is the album's name at launch. It would be amazing but seems so out of character for a Ciara title.
  11. Re: Ciara | Album 6 + Singles.

    Me too.
  12. Re: Ciara | Album 6 + Singles.

    "I Bet" is absolutely perfect! If it were released back in the R&B hey days it would have been massive.
  13. Re: Ciara | Album 6 + Singles.

    Can someone change the thread title now?
  14. Re: Ciara | Album 6 + Singles.


    "Yeah, it's Jackie"
  15. And speaking of the title, it's cute and all but it doesn't really do it for me.
  16. I think "Ciara - Jackie (Album & Singles)" might be better.
  17. I'm not sure if she thinks she's MIA or what with the mom title.

    I wish her mom's name was Jackée.

  18. Funnily enough, they're apparently friends as Miss Jackée did some Twitter promo for Ciara's last album.
    Last edited: Jan 14, 2015
  19. #ByeJackie
  20. 'I Bet' is rather nice. Screams buzz single though. Hopefully this album will be filled with certified bops like 'Ciara' was.
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