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Ciara | Jackie (Album)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by teddie88, Jan 13, 2015.

  1. Ciara is probably the most represented album of its year on my iPod at this point. And "I Bet" is sounding pretty gorgeous, not really a one-listen deal but I very much enjoy this sound/'direction'. Love the album title + single cover too. Guessing they'll go with something Mustardy/Mikewilly for big lead.
  2. The verses kind of feel like they drag on but the chorus is gorgeous. I'm not sure about this as a lead single though. Hoping she delivers something as good as her last album. That one really caught me off guard and accidentally became one of my favorites of 2013.
  3. I'm sorry but I can't get over the fact that the album is called 'Jackie'.
  4. Seriously. I'm here for Britney's next opus, Lynne.
  5. I Bet is a jam. Lead singles don't need to be out and out bangers or have a hard beat to be successful. It's all about the melody and production, and it's one hell of an earworm. Perfect for Winter/Spring.
  6. I Bet is very 2005 bonus track material. Decent, but not what a lead single should be.
  7. This album is gonna be clams.
  8. Is that good or bad?
  9. I will let you know when the album comes out.
  10. She does not make it easy for herself does she? I can see the buzz track status from here.
  11. I think most people that have seen me post in a Ciara thread would recognise I'm a massive fan of her, I love her.

    But 'I Bet' is dirge, and 'Jackie' is the worst album title I've heard in a long while. I appreciate the sentiment, but 'Jackie' just looks and sounds awful. I feel like Epic will press ahead with releasing this by April because 'Ciara' was a relative success for her, and I really feel she could flop hard again.
  12. The title reminds me of this:


    Another album 'for mum'.
  13. You guys got worked up when she released Sorry and Got Me Good. Have a little faith and withhold your judgment until the album is out.


  14. I've only listened once and it didn't do anything for me either. I was wondering if she had a hand in writing it, I found the lyrics a bit clumsy. I do respect that she wants to try something different but after her last album was so fantastic I was really hoping she'd keep 'em coming.
  15. Is that an Osmond in a CiCi thread?
  16. But those singles were total wasted of time! Both nice songs, but not the hits she needed, heck, they didn't even end up on the album. I'd just love for her to have a streamlined campaign for once. Her last album was full of potential singles.
  17. Don't you worry child, Ciara's got a plan for you!
  18. I'm very much here for that Writing's On The Wall-era chorus but the stream of consciousness verses are kind of a drag. It's also annoying that she's following the same old release formula.

    In other news:
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  19. I rebuke thee.
  20. I replayed it a couple of times but still hasn't clicked. The song and album title leave me a bit flat.

    Although I love the part about the ugly stare and silicone ass.

    Hoping for another Overdose.
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