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Ciara | Jackie (Album)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by teddie88, Jan 13, 2015.

  1. Lullaby is just unffff
  2. I keep coming back to "That's How I'm Feelin'". Hearing Ciara and Missy together again makes me feel good. I even like Pitbull's feature.
  3. That's How I'm Feelin needs a sunny block party dance competition vid. It's just so good!
  4. There's about four or five really good tracks, but the rest is instantly forgettable. Business as usual.
  5. Oh, I meant 'Goodies' and 'Fantasy Ride'
  6. Who the hell is singing the "when I'm stickin my ass out" hook? Cos it ain't Cici or Missy....
  7. matthew.

    matthew. Staff Member

    I think this album is way better than some of you are trying to pin it.
  8. What is going on in the right channel on "Kiss & Tell"? There's a really strange noise, almost buzzy clanging, that repeats in the background throughout the song.
  9. Ester Dean.
  10. She was absolutely incredible last night in Chicago. When she did Promise...the crowd showed her so much love during the performance — she was so moved and overwhelmed — just so much joy in the crowd (it was a dream come true for me - it's my favorite song of all time). The thing I love about her is that she is just such a strong manifestation of love — just glistening and exuding positivity and perseverance and strength. Like, ugh. I love her so much. And being in a room with a crowd of people that so clearly felt the same was amazing. She did a little talk about believing in yourself and I looked back into the crowd and everyone was paying such close attention and smiling the whole was really cute.

    She looked so incredible. It's almost unsettling — but she is even more striking in person.
  11. matthew.

    matthew. Staff Member

    'Stuck On You' and 'I Got You' are the only really bad tracks here. Everything else ranges from good to FUCKING WORLD CHANGING.

    Which tracks are world changing you ask?

    Jackie (BMF)
    That's How I'm Feeling
    I Bet
    Kiss & Tell
    One Woman Army

    'Give Me Love' in another universe was Rihanna's lead single and hit number one for two weeks.
  12. After a few of the reviews on here, I was worried I was going to be disappointed with the album, but after listening to it a few times I'm really not at all. It's basically wall to wall with bops, it's fabulous. I Got You is crap, and Stuck on You and Lullaby aren't doing much for me (although I feel like those 2 could easily grow on me) but apart from that I love it.
  13. Tonight its ALL about "that's how I'm feeling"

    So many sing along parts


    "Yeah cuz I did that" x3
    "GET IT!"


    The list goes on for lines....and missy. Missy is perfect.
  14. Ester Dean deserves a feature credit on "That's How I'm Feelin""!

    Oh, and digitalkaiser, will you marry me? You look hot and your stanning for Cici is adorable!
    Last edited: May 5, 2015
  15. Hah Oh my!

    My stanning has been a bit out of control lately I think. Maybe its the sunlight!
    Ester dean deserves a credit and pitbull should be removed for the single and missy's rap lengthened.
  16. BML


    'Lullaby' is the epitome of a grower. It's everything I love about Ciara. And I'm so glad Mayweather won that fight because if he had lost, that line in the second verse would've been quite unfortunate. I can't decide if I want that or 'That's How I'm Feeling' as the next single. 'Give Me Love' should totally be an international single as well.

    If she plays her cards right, this album could have some legs to it.
  17. It's Ester Dean, co-writer of the song
  18. Excited to dive into this.
  19. Island

    Island Staff Member

    What does 'Lullaby' sample?
  20. 'Jackie (B.M.F.)' is some bonkers brilliance. CiCi is always reliable for that unhinged goodness.
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