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CITRIS - 'Panic In Hampton Bays' (2017)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Pop Life, Sep 1, 2017.

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    This came out a few months ago and is proving to be one of my favourite albums of 2017.
    Any other fans?

    (Listen here)

    Singer/songwriter/multi-instrumentalist Angelina Torreano is all kinds of fabulous...



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  2. The video for lead single "Coco Chanel"

    The video for "Ex-Dreamer" (starring the rather dishy Danny Boi)

    ...and the video for "Little Scars"

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  3. Uproxx: "So obviously people compare you to Hole a lot ... but who are some of your other key influences/idols? Do you consider grunge and the ‘90s to be your main stylistic touchstone?"

    Angelina Torreano: "People have always compared us to Hole, which is great, but I was always a huge Nirvana fan. I think that was my first favorite band growing up as a kid and they ended up being a pretty big influence on the music I write. That and of course, The Beatles was a pretty big primary role. But those two bands were just the start of my inspiration. Down the line, I fell in love with Elliot Smith, Radiohead, Bjork, Queens of The Stone Age, Tame Impala, NIN, Speedy Ortiz, and the list goes on. Alanis Morrisette was a big influence on my music as well. Of course I love Jagged Little Pill, but Supposed Former Infatuation Junkie was probably my personal favorite and where I drew most inspiration from."

    (full article here:
  4. A non-LP track, their cover of Courtney Barnett's "Pedestrian At Best":

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