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CiTV Old Skool Weekend (5th and 6th of January)

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Tribal Spaceman, Jan 4, 2013.

  1. Tribal Spaceman

    Tribal Spaceman Oh, OK.

    Anyone going to be watching this? I'm going to try and catch as much of it as I can.

    Saturday 5 January

    09:25 Mike & Angelo
    09:50 Super Gran
    10:15 Wizadora
    10:30 T-Bag
    10:50 Engie Benjy
    11:05 The Raggy Dolls
    11:15 Puddle Lane
    11:35 Count Duckula
    12:00 The Sooty Show
    12:25 Art Attack
    12:40 The Big Bang
    13:00 Finders Keepers
    13:30 Fun House
    14:00 Knightmare
    14:30 Fraggle Rock
    15:00 The Worst Witch
    15:30 Woof!
    16:00 Dramarama
    16:30 Press Gang
    17:00 The Tomorrow People
    17:30 Children's Ward

    Sunday 6 January

    09:25 Mike & Angelo
    09:50 Spatz
    10:10 Huxley Pig
    10:30 Rainbow
    10:50 Button Moon
    11:05 The Riddlers
    11:15 Rosie & Jim
    11:35 Dangermouse
    12:00 Sooty & Co
    12:25 How 2
    12:40 Finger Tips
    13:00 Jungle Run
    13:30 Fun House
    14:00 Knightmare
    14:30 Fraggle Rock
    15:00 My Parents are Aliens
    15:30 Woof!
    16:00 Dramarama
    16:30 Press Gang
    17:00 The Tomorrow People
    17:30 Children's Ward
  2. This could be good fun. I'd love to see how Mike & Angelo has aged, and also Tomorrow People.

    I've said for years that CBBC and CITV should show classics at night for 30 somethings.
  3. Whilst CBBC had a few shows that I liked, I probably stood in Camp CITV as a kid. Everything is so fleeting though! I'd want doubles of at least half of those shows. A full day of SMTV is due at some point, surely?!

    I'm definitely camping out for the majority of this. Too good to miss! Although, it's missing 'Bernard's Watch'. Bernard used to fuck me off, but the show entranced me. Also, we must remember that CITV got the better imports too - Pokemon and Sabrina! The celebratory look-back show was great too - I never realised that Art Attack was so popular across the globe! Wouldn't have minded an episode of ZZZap! either.

    God, I'm singing the theme tune to The Worst Witch. AND I CAN REMEMBER EVERY WORD.
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  4. innamor.

    innamor. Guest

    I LOVED THE WORST WITCH. I stanned for Miss Hardbroom so much, she was such a fierce lesbian.
  5. The Worst Witch is hilarious. I loved when Nickelodeon UK purchased the rights just because Sabrina had been popular. The New Worst Witch with that cheap recast version of Mrs Hardbroom... honestly.
  6. Tribal Spaceman

    Tribal Spaceman Oh, OK.

    Oh, The New Worst Witch was such a letdown. I actually found the younger cast to be quite likeable but the whole series had a cheap and nasty vibe about it and that new Miss Hardbroom was terrible.

    I'm enjoying this weekend so far but it does seem a bit half-hearted. They would have been better making it an evening thing over the course of a week, and having some of the old presenters back.
  7. Tribal Spaceman

    Tribal Spaceman Oh, OK.

    Puddle Lane just happened to be one of the episodes I have on an old VHS.

    I'm not so bothered about My Parents Are Aliens as they show it every day anyway.
  8. Hags

    Hags Guest

    Wait, where the fuck is:

    Pokemon, Wolves, Witches & Giants, Bernard's Watch, As Told By Ginger, Cardcaptors, Cow & Chicken, Dexter's Lab, Grisly Tales, Hey Arnold, Hilltop Hospital, I Am Weasel, Recess, Rugrats, Sabrina, Sailor Moon, Sylvester & Tweety, Tazmania, Totally Spies and Power Rangers?!!
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  9. They missed a trick by not having a full episode of Number 73 on the Saturday morning.
  10. Tribal Spaceman

    Tribal Spaceman Oh, OK.

    It's all British shows for some reason. Wolves, Witches and Giants still gets repeated regularly as well.
  11. Hags

    Hags Guest

    Where? That show, along with Goosebumps, was my life.
  12. Tribal Spaceman

    Tribal Spaceman Oh, OK.

    Weekday afternoons on the CiTV channel. I caught an episode about a month or so ago.
  13. Hags

    Hags Guest

    I'll keep an eye out. I'm still pissed that there are none of those iconic 90's cartoons there though. Power Rangers and Pokemon defined my childhood.
  14. Tribal Spaceman

    Tribal Spaceman Oh, OK.

    ITV still show Pokémon but it wouldn't surprise me if some satellite channel had the rights to Power Rangers now.

    There really should be regular showings of old programmes on evenings and weekends.
  15. I agree, The New Worst Witch was very cheap, tacky and horrible - I think it's because they filmed it in the UK where as the previous series was filmed in Canada.

    Yeah, Nickelodeon owns the rights to Power Rangers now. The rest of the shows mentioned by Hags are either owned by Nickelodeon, Disney or Cartoon Network I believe.
  16. There are a few late 90s shows that I'm disappointed they aren't airing. Does anyone remember Out of Sight? I think it was a shortlived series, that invisibility spray was fucking cool, though. Also, Whizziwig? And Zzzap! As I got older, I became more of a CBBC viewer, to be honest.

    I think only a few outdoorsy episodes were filmed in Canada. It was a Canadian co-production so I think they wanted to make use of the production team there but it was primarily filmed in the UK. Such a great show, though. They'd probably never invest in an expensive production like that nowadays which is part of the reason why kids TV is so shit nowadays.
  17. No Cardcaptors *cry*, I missed today, but Button Moon and Jungle Run tomorrow, hell yeah!
  18. I loved that! Although, if I'm not mistaken, they kept repeating the same set of episodes after a while and so I gave up on it. The same thing happened with the Dragonball series on Cartoon Network. I got into Digimon for a bit but it felt like I was cheating on Pokemon.
  19. Yes! Miss Hardbroom was incredible!
  20. I think I might have got confused with The Worst Witch then. I just remember the set for The New Worst Witch looking really cheap - it didn't look like a proper castle anymore.

    I adored Cardcaptors, the only anime I really liked other than Pokemon.
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