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City Girls - General Discussion + Solo Things

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Vasilios, Jul 21, 2019.

  1. I think we need a City Girls thread?
    Cause most of Girl Code, Act Up and now this...

    Straight up fire.
    I could do without the homophobic mess tho.
  2. Miami is one of the worst rappers I have ever come across. When JT gets out of prison it’s over for the girls though.
  3. Why do you hate all my rap favsssss
  4. Not at all sis, I stan 50% of City Girls xx
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  5. I think Yung Miami’s slurring voice definitely adds its own flair to the City Girls’ songs. JT definitely is a better rapper but having them trade verses mixes things up.
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  6. Trash!
  7. Island

    Island Staff Member

    Tatu found dug up!
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  8. Isn’t she supposed to be out pretty soon? The guy from QC said she’ll be out in less than 90 days...and that was a month ago. Their team has made promises of her being released before but never a timeframe this specific.

    But then even if she does get out soon, Yung Miami is pregnant. So probably some time before we get any new material unfortunately.
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  9. She’s out allegedly August 13th according to some of their hardcore stans.

    Where the Bag At remains their opus though.
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  10. Bitch and?! Half of us hate gay people too


    Stream I'll Take Your Man!
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  11. I started listening to their music few months ago and I actually like them. Twerk and Act Up are really good. Although i like them together but i would love a solo album from JT!
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  12. He


    Giving me tatu vibes. A shameful mess.

    Let me give this a big pass.
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  14. I'm confused by what City Girls is... Are they a due of female rappers? Whose arse is it on the single cover? Is it from one of the two rappers or a completely different person? Why were not both City Girls included on the cover. So many questions...
  15. Two girls.
    One is in jail for credit card fraud.
    The other is continuing their work alone as JT started her jail sentence the minute they got the Drake (In My Feelings) buzz.
    Arse is a model.
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  16. Mr.Arroz

    Mr.Arroz Staff Member

    Act Up is a bop but so is this

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  17. JT IS FREE!!!!!!!


    Felony Girl Fall is going to be LIT
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  18. djfskdfksdfjs GOODBYE
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  19. Yung Miami is a homophobe who can't stay on beat but I'll probably bop anyways because I'm trash.
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  20. Yung Miami really doesn't have the room to talk about anybody with that crunchy-ass voice and stale-ass flow.
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