City Girls - RAW

I officially have to let go of the City Girls. Nearly every last tweet from JT horrified me. She called other darkskin girls "crispy" and "roaches" (despite being darkskin herself; internalized colorism is a motherfucker, I guess). She referred to Black curl patterns as "nappy" so many times. She repeatedly used the t- and f-slurs. She said some fatphobic shit. She made some disturbing tweets about HIV/AIDS as well as a N*zi joke. She has some even more disturbing tweets about being attracted to R. Kelly and wanting to be locked up with him. She literally has at least one tweet for all the -isms and -phobias.

, when her twitter account got deactivated, it looks like she created a new one so she could "tweet problematic again [because she's] problematic [so] suck out [her] ass with a kapri sun straw." Yes, that's a literal quote. She's trying to get verified on that account, so I think that's the real JT. At least she's consistent.

On top of tweets from Caresha involving homophobia and talking about Blue Ivy like a dog unprovoked, I gotta let these girls go. Both of them are just as ignorant and hateful as they can be.

In conclusion, they're not seeing heaven, celebrities need to delete their tweets prior to 2020—holy fuck—and they need better PR teams. Seriously.
I... can't stop thinking about this song

My throat crazyyyyyy
Straight jacket white suit
I like to be fuhhh like a shluuuuut
Come here zhaddy lemme eat it upppp


I had DaBaby's brown overalls in my saved list on Zalando for ages, might just cop them now after spotting them in the video ddd
Much like Jobs, this needs a feature to make it really explode. Megan or Cardi would be perfect, but even Saweetie (since she’s popular), could add something. It’s a massive bop nonetheless.

I was excited when the song started and then when the sample kicked in but it falls a little flat for me. Needs just a little something else to really kick off.