CJ Holland Feat. Lady Gaga - Luv U Sum

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Re: CJ Holland featuring Lady Gaga - Luv U Sum

I love this song. It's party Gaga back in full force.
Oh I know it is her, I'm just saying there's nothing really gaga-ish about those vocals. Anyone could have done it really.
That's the one.

I thought this was one of those Children of the Ark things when I saw the title. I was not amused.
Resi12 said:
Smart move making an bad boy/anti-Justin.

Pfft, I'm not convinced. There's a passing resemblance in the photo. I admit that if GaGa wasn't on this song, chances are I wouldn't like it. Or like it as much.
I've been hammering this song lately. Can anyone decipher GaGa's chorus? I just LOVE the fact that saccharine has been used as a lyric, and I'm not entirely sure why.
If this didn't have Gaga in it, no one would give a toss. The chorus (i.e. her bit) consists of 1 note - I don't really get why people are getting excited anyway.

The Poop Master

This is fucking dreadful.

Add some auto-tune to his voice for fuck's sake!
This whole thing screams fake. His 'VEVO" page - fake, him signing to Interscope? Fake. He's probably done a Heidi Montag/Britney job.

Awful song too by the way. Let's not even get into what he looks and sounds like.


In the immortal words of Avril Flopinge, what the hell?

Who is this boy?

Is he really 16? Is it naughty for me to say that he's hot?

Why is Lady Gaga featured on his song?

What is happening?
Almost as pointless as Gwen Stefani's contribution to 'Can I Have It Like That'.

Though she does sound effortlessly cool.

I don't care for him at all.
Gaga's part sounds good, if only because it's her. The rest of it is a trainwreck. And yeah, let's not get started on everything about him.