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Claire Richards - My Wildest Dreams (Debut Solo Album)

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by The Arcade Fire, Mar 16, 2014.

  1. Mvnl

    Mvnl Staff Member

    7 Billion was a 'single' of some sorts, wasn't it?
    But yeah, my love for Claire obviously helped (even in just playing the songs until they grew on me) but it is a ridiculously solid album
  2. SBK


    Well, almost kinda 5th single off the album... which i guess is way more than most popstars get out these days.

    Personally, I'd have released 7 Billion over Shame On You. And Don't Leave Me In This Love Alone in place of End Before We Start.
  3. Yeah, the singles actually released weren't the right choices.
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  4. Maybe I need to give the album another go. Outside of a couple of the "singles" I only listened in full maybe twice as it just felt a bit too MOR.

    But Claire is amazing as a vocalist so maybe as a few of you said it's a grower....
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  5. Solid album but I would have gone with the following singles:
    On My Own
    7 Billion
    Wildest Dreams
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  6. On My Own
    Don’t Leave Me In This Love Alone
    Shame On You
    7 Billion
    Wildest Dreams

    would have been my choice. Though I love the remix of My Heart Is Heading Home
  7. On My Own
    End Before We Start
    Shame On You
    7 Billion

    In my opinion Claire’s single run was amazing I wouldn’t change a thing my favourite single is Shame on you
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  8. I love the entire album but the singles run could have been better. End Before We Start is a great song but second single it is not. My run would be:

    On My Own
    Don’t Leave Me In This Love Alone
    7 Billion
    These Wings
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  9. SBK


    On My Own
    Don't Leave Me In This Love Alone (Or These Wings)
    My Heart Is Heading Home*
    7 Billion
    My Wildest Dreams

    *Assuming the album was still delayed and they need to put the Xmas single out
  10. SBK


    That was one of my requests. That song always makes me well up.
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  11. SBK


    In other news, just before lockdown her husband posted about her being "in the studio", I wonder if she's planning on a follow up after Steps. She does seem to be really invested in singing 'full time' again, finally!
  12. Perfection!
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  13. SBK


    I can't stop listening to Said It All.

    Its like it was written for her, its perfect.
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  14. Sorry for the bump, I found these instrumental versions of My Wildest Dreams on YouTube which I hadn't heard before, shame it's not the full album. Beautiful arrangements!

  15. SBK


    Oooh not even the versions.

    Where's My Wildest Dreams and Don't Leave Me In This Love Alone

    *edit, My Wildest Dreams

    Steve Anderson, you're a genus.
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  16. Fingers crossed more will leak and they also have some Steps stuff!
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