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Claire Richards - My Wildest Dreams (Debut Solo Album)

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by The Arcade Fire, Mar 16, 2014.

  1. Ian Watkins for the duet.
  2. Death, etc. Close the thread it's peaked.
  3. I don't think it needs to be necessarily someone majorly high-profile perhaps, but I'd steer clear of reality TV contestants. Keep it classy.
  4. Matt Cardle is pretty classy nowadays though.
  5. SBK


    I personally love Matt Cardle.

    Lately is a tune...

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  6. I've been waiting for this album since 2001 so I'll definitely buy it, she should never have done the H and Claire album.

    Although I'm going to be realistic here and say it probably won't make an impact on the chart and it won't give her secure employment if the latest Steps album is anything to go by.

    It will probably be a poorly produced mumsy type album which she'll probably promote with a performance on Loose Woman and that's about it
  7. SBK


    I wouldn't call it "poorly produced" it's being produced by the guy who produced all the hits she's had before with Steps. You can't assume it's going to be rubbish when everything she's done with him has been well received.
  8. Finally! I thought this would never happen!

    Something like the new Celine Dion album would be good and I'm another one who likes the idea of a Matt Cardle duet. Though could be funny if it was Russell Watson and re-record Someone Like You. Faye might have something to say about that though.

    Claire got an amazing reception on the Steps tour with her solo and general public do seem to like her. A summer release could see it doing well in the charts as it won't get lost, and yes a bonus track of One For Sorrow solo is in order!
  9. One For Sorrow is a solo Claire track anyway, it would be pointless.
  10. It would be nice done now though as her voice has changed as she's got older (as does everyones) and with a different production could give it an updated feel.
  11. I don't necessarily think it will be "rubbish" I just don't think it will blow me away.

    And although I really liked Steps music and the guy who produced it I don't think that sound will have the same impact on me as it did back then.

    Hopefully they do something that's right for 2014. I'd be up for One For Sorrow 2.0
  12. One For Sorrow - David Guetta remix featuring Pitbull
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  13. Yes. Everyone wants a 40-year-old former Steps member debut solo album.

    This'll smash!
  14. Given this is likely coming very soon I thought I'd bump this thread.

    I'm actually so excited to hear what she's come up with. I hope the rumours of her working with Steve Anderson and Fiona Bevan are true.
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  15. Wow, some of the posts in here from four years ago were a...choice.

    It definitely seems like this is happening so soon and it's really exciting! Claire's clearly been busy behind the scenes readying this and I can't wait to hear what she has up her sleeve.
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  16. This is only like 15-20 years too late.
  17. To quote Claire in Here & Now:
    "It's better late than never."
  18. Please visit the Rita Ora thread when you want to spew your negativity.

    I'm 100% here for this, and I can see her actually doing quite well with the right material. She has seemed so happy and invested in her career this era. There's a lot of goodwill now, which was not exactly the case when H&Claire imploded. Bring it on.
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  19. I forgot that this thread was created and that her solo stuff was ready to go four years ago!

    Like i said, I'm one hundred percent excited for this.
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