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Claire Richards - My Wildest Dreams (Debut Solo Album)

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by The Arcade Fire, Mar 16, 2014.

  1. I wasn't being negative. It should have come out way back then (hell, she should have been solo since day 1) but I don't care. Happy to have it either way ....
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  2. I can see her having a bit of a Nicola Roberts style trajectory with this record - well received, critically acclaimed and insanely good music - but not as successful as it should have been.
  3. I’m ready for this bring the beautiful ballads follow by the remixes I’m in
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  4. I don’t know what to think about this. Any other side projects are fine but a solo album from any one them at this time seems very...”I like Steps but I really want to be alone.”
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    No it doesn't, I think it's more the 'fans' with the problem by refusing to let them go. If Claire or any of them want to do solo albums I think this is the perfect time for them!
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  6. Each their own. The perfect time would’ve been between the first reunion and now.
  7. This - the band aren't gonna be back together until next year anyway as (for the 100th time) the boys are locked into panto all winter anyway and Lisa can't spend too much time in the UK. This is the ideal time for Claire to release finally and hopefully do well with the added exposure from the band's successful era.
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  8. I disagree - Claire will get more exposure and more goodwill coming from it now than she would have after a flop group album.
  9. I mean it’s going to flop and no one will care regardless.
  10. I'm thinking more Alexandra Burke/Gabrielle/Martine McCutcheon type trajectory i.e. no chart/sales expectations, adult contemporary feel, small tour attached.
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  11. I don't believe I ever said it'd do particularly well but she'll have the extra promo opportunities because Steps are a successful group again. Had she done this between the first and second reunion, she would have gotten questions regarding Steps returning or her weight but the goodwill that this reunion has caused will give her the chance to actually discuss the music.
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  12. Success wise, yes, but I'm still seeing Nicola's album as a comparison as it'll be, well, good.
  13. I think at the end of the day this is so much less exciting than it would’ve been 5 years ago since we have Steps again now. No need for a Claire solo album, as great as her voice is. Sure they can co-exist I guess, but what’s the point? If she has great catchy tracks many of us will just wish they’re Steps tracks and if she has snoozy Adele leftovers well...why bother?
  14. I think we should probably wait to at least hear the first single before worrying about critical acclaim or whether the album is going to sell 10 copies or 10,000 copies.
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    It's nice to be happy for someone doing what they want to, try that line of thought!
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  16. So I'm guessing all the Karl Twigg stuff has likely been scrubbed now? Or does anyone know if he's still onboard. I thought it was strange that he never submitted anything to Tears On The Dancefloor since he was responsible for some of Steps' greatest hits.
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  17. I think my love for Claire goes without saying. The point is, it’s an odd time table and if it wasn’t I wouldn’t have much opinion at all about it. I guess I’m spoiled now because I feel like now that Steps are an active band again, if you’re recording or singing during “downtime” it should be for Steps.
  18. MB


    Steps were never meant to be back “permanently” it was meant to be a one off “celebration”. The Claire album was always coming out regardless, she delayed it because of steps. We all know we’re getting more from the band next year and another tour so give the poor woman a break and let her fill her spare time singing rather than making Pom poms and glitter unicorns.
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  20. If we are covering bright colourful pop groups from the 90s...

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