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Claire Richards - My Wildest Dreams (Debut Solo Album)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by The Arcade Fire, Mar 16, 2014.

  1. A little late but just got the deluxe. Packaging is beautiful, really nicely put together.
  2. It's a heck of a lot easier to get a top 10 album now than it was 10 years ago, and her profile is bigger now than it was then.
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  3. Any candle updates?
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  4. I hear Jo Malone and Jo O’Meara are kicking themselves not having the idea first.
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  5. Honestly Jo Omeara would probably just be a bong.
  6. If she ends up with a Top 10 album i think she's done well. She'll probably sell under 10k, but that ain't bad at all....for a Claire Richards album in 2019...

    But this whole campaign does bore me, but i am glad she is finally releasing an album like she should have done after the whole H & Claire thing collapsed.
  7. I've had 7 Billion in my head for a few days.
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  8. A top 10 album for "Claire from Steps" in 2019 is nothing short of extraordinary, and truly shows the magic that Steps will always have.
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  9. Exactly , I can’t believe some of the negativity on this thread .
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  10. I only have myself to blame but due to being overwhelmed with excitement when I placed the order 6 odd months ago for the album boxset, I assumed that it was the personalised deluxe album in the box. Having re-read the site (on Saturday) I now know that I was definitely mistaken.

    I was disappointed when I opened the box to find the standard CD unsigned and one non-personalised signed card. I mean, the candle smells lovely but it's a £2 Asda candle.

    So, for a tenner everyone else got a deluxe personalised album in the lovely packaging and for £30 I got the standard album in the plastic case with two less tracks, a generic signed card and a candle from Poundland. As I say, it's entirely my fault for not properly reading the description on the website at the time but I feel that for £30 you'd think a personalised deluxe album would have been a given. Lesson learnt on my part.
  11. A top 10 album is pretty much a done deal now. She was still number 6 yesterday, so I can't see her falling 5 places in one day. It's not as if sales are climbing quickly for anyone. If anything, she might end up at 8 or something, but I don't know exactly how close sales are.

    She's got to be absolutely over the moon with that. I'm sure she had top 10 in her sights, but probably thought it was unlikely. Bloody good for her.
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  12. I like how the candle went from being £2 in Asda to coming from Poundland within the same post.

    I agree though, you’d have thought the box set would have been the top tier purchase and included the deluxe. I’d be disappointed too.
  13. The album is much better than I thought. Very enjoyable.
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  14. Yesterday's midweek #7, #8 and #9 albums (Queen, Lady Gaga/Bradley Cooper and George Ezra respectively) all sold triple the number of copies that Claire did on Tuesday, so they seem destined to overtake her. Bring Me the Horizon is selling quite strongly too, but might not do quite enough to catch Claire. I predict a #9 debut, #10 at the worst.

    Really pleased for her, Top 10 is superb and it seems likely that My Wildest Dreams will exceed 6,000 sales!

    I'm pleasantly surprised by the album (End Before We Start and My Heart Is Heading Home dampened my initial enthusiasm), particularly in terms of how catchy it is - quite a few songs have got stuck in my head very easily. 7 Billion, These Wings, Deep Waters, My Wildest Dreams and Don't Leave Me in This Love Alone are my highlights (as well as the singles On My Own and Shame on You).

    End Before We Start has grown on me, it's pleasant and sits nicely on the album, but if it'd been down to me it wouldn't have come into the equation when choosing her second single!
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  15. I'm kinda glad she's exceeded her expectations, and from someone who was reluctant about the whole project im pleasantly surprised by the quality of the album. Like i said, i like every track. But im glad the album hasnt got to the heights a Steps album normally does. The whole sentiment of "no-one will be bigger than the group" kinda sticks then.
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  16. She's slipped to #7 but either way I'm delighted, a Top 10 album tomorrow will be a success!
  17. Bit out of toych with charts... what time will we find out the chart position!

    Echo most here I really love this album! She has really pulled it off and not gone the easy route.Waited over 20 years and worth the wait!
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  18. I fear the dreaded #11
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  19. I said 8 last week, was hoping for 5/6 earlier this week, but am sticking with #8, which would be amazing.
  20. showing my age - when did they only start announcing the top 5 albums on the chart show?

    Guessing they didn't want to give Scott Mills anything too complicated....?
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