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Claire Richards - My Wildest Dreams (Debut Solo Album)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by The Arcade Fire, Mar 16, 2014.

  1. Thank god for that !!!

    Well done Claire a top ten album in 2019 is amazing.
    Just imagine how well steps next album could do .
  2. If Claire can go top ten in 2019, there’s hope for Lisa yet!!
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  3. I’m so pleased for her! She’s gonna be thrilled.
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  4. The last steps album was at #2
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  5. Exactly and they was going up against Ed Sheeran , if the next album is as good or better they TOTDF then it’s certain to be number 1.
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  6. Beyond thrilled for her reaching #9. She and her team will be so happy with the outcome.
    And for a fantastic record too!
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  7. Could you imagine if the next album got to #1 come on Steps no more getting piped at the finish line your champions now
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  8. Imagine if next week it climbs up the charts is he thrilled for her.

    I hope enough was done to get a second album.
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  9. I'm so pleased for Claire. It's a good album, much more varied than I'd imagined it would be. Looking back she should've done this back in 2001 rather than team up with H for an album.
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  10. As much as I dislike H, another you another me album is legit brilliant
  11. There’s some pit falls in Another You Another Me

    But Nothing At All is EPIC and my god that cd single package would have been amazing with the remixes if it was a single!

    All I Want Is You and Centre of My Heart are my other go to’s.

    As well of course the singles - especially All Out Of Love. The b-sides Over You and Don’t Give Up (Don’t Let Go) are immense and the almighty mixes of Half A Heart and All Out Of Love are an eargasm of the senses!

    My downfalls are Invincible and Two Hearts Beat As One which bore me.

    Too Close To Tears is also a triumph, especially with predicting the future!
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  12. DJ is still a tune
  13. Anywhere between 7 and 11 is good

    Back to album chart positions - Yay for Claire!!
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  14. I didn’t mean I didn’t like the album, as you all say some amazing songs......could’ve just been bettered without H. I actually appreciate his part as a member of Steps but don’t love his vocals that’s all, whereas Claire has always sounded amazing to me.
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  15. A top 10 for an artist who has been known to be in a "cheesy pop band" for 20 years is nothing short of an absolute triumph, especially given how the industry has changed dramatically.. Absolutely made up for her, as truthfully when the release date was pushed back I thought we'd be fearing an extremely embarrassing chart position.

    Made up for Claire!
  16. My brother whatsappd me yesterday saying he likes the one about her being left in a lava lamp. 'Don't leave me in this love alone' will never sound the same again. I can't unhear it. Help.
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  18. Haha my boyfriend said the same!!
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