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Claire Richards - My Wildest Dreams (Debut Solo Album)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by The Arcade Fire, Mar 16, 2014.

  1. Damn you and my (newly emancipated) brother.
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  2. I still think Ice Cream, Ice Cream is funnier lol from Scared of the Dark
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  3. I'd forgotten how badly the H & Claire album bombed until I saw it mentioned yesterday. It makes it even more impressive that this managed to make the top 10.
  4. I came on here to post:

    My Wildest Dreams sold 6,104 copies vs Another You, Another Me which was roughly 5,000 in week 1.

    Considering the sales climate between a near 17 year difference, the fact it’s managed to sell a bit more in the first week is a massive triumph.

    I had a moment with Forever Ends With You earlier - sun shining, blue sky, Wintery feel. Just amazing.
  5. I am beyond delighted for Claire right now! She deserves all of this success so much. It's been a great couple of years for us fans!

    I was just thinking that a wee Instagram post from Faye would go a long way to support and promote Claire's album given Faye's current wider appeal. It would also be a nice gesture.
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  6. What a lovely strong album. Ruins is a triumph. The only thing I feel lets the album down are the dire promo shots and single choices. I would have gone for:

    1. On My Own
    2. Deep Waters
    3. Ruins
    4. Shame On You
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  7. What's it looking like for 2nd week?
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  8. Down to #65 in the midweeks it seems.
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  9. Wow! I did not expect that, I was thinking more of a #27 or something around that mark.
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  10. Ouch! I think we’d all expected a steep drop but I had thought it would maybe have one more week in the top 40.
  11. I'm assuming that such a steep drop this week essentially means that poor Claire has sold very few albums outside of the pre-orders from the core fanbase!? Really didn't expect such a steep drop- the album and Claire deserve better.

    I think we can all agree that this whole project means so much more to all of us (and to Claire and her team) than a number in a chart anyway.
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  12. Not sure Sony will have the same mindset!
  13. I’m sure this is exactly what they expected. If you were going to buy/listen to a Claire Richards album you were going to do so in its first week on the shelves.

    It’s not like they have masses of promo lined up to avoid a second week slump either.

    A top 10 album is a success for Claire.
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  14. Did Tears have a big second week drop?
  15. I think this is the chart run for tears.

    Official Albums Chart Top 200
    [1st Entry: 28/04/2017] 2-4-12-16-29-34-46-63-64-51-59-134-176-out
    [2nd Entry: 04/08/2017] 182-out
    [3rd Entry: 18/08/2017] 167-out
    [4th Entry: 15/09/2017] 168-out
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  16. Exactly. It could end up out of the Top 100 this week which wouldn’t surprise me. If you look at the sales trend last week it was never likely to sell more than 1.5k this week which could probably place it anywhere between 60 and 140!
  17. Well, I'm not sure what they expected but it wasn't like there was a lot of promotion or advertising running. So hopefully they're not that surprised.

    I've heard there's another track or two being remixed, so it'll be interesting to see if they ever surface. There's a lot of time to kill between now and the summer shows she's hoping to do...
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  18. I'm sure there'll be a bit of promo (and hopefully sales) mid-late March for the Mother's Day market. It's probably not going back in to the top 40 but hopefully can sell steadily enough.
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  19. Hopefully, it'd be a shame to just release it then not do anything with it, especially when there are still some of the best tracks from the campaign on the album.
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  20. Well Ruins is just a beaut, ain't it.
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