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Class Actress - Journal of Ardency EP

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by type:epyt, Dec 11, 2009.

  1. Found this little gem whilst noseying about online ... Broken Adolescent Heart is especially good ...

    somewhere between The Bird and the Bee and Little Boots ...
  2. Wow. This sounds like it was plucked straight from the 80s. Love it!
  3. found this via NME today, very Chromatics/Glass Candy but a bit poppier...other great tracks inc Let me Take You Out and Careful What You Say
  4. Had this EP a while now, its completely gorgeous. Music to space out to. My favourite is Adolescent Heart.
  5. ^ Ditto. It is excellent material.
  6. I've had this EP for a while too. It was this line in a feature that hooked me:

    That was written for me. Seriously.
  7. This is really good. I especially like the title track of the EP. Reminds me a bit of Cloetta Paris, mixed with Little Boots. That's a very good thing, for me.
  8. Class Actress, for me, is everything I thought Little Boots would be, that I wanted her to be, until harsh reality intruded and I heard Hands. Pop fans must listen to Adolescent Heart. The songs really grow on you the more you listen to the EP.
  9. Well, I don't really agree on the whole "This is What Little Boots Should Have Sounded Like" argument, but I do think that if you like Little Boots (or, er, didn't), you'll probably like this girl.
  10. That was clumsy of me. That comment comes from my own opinion of course. It's kind of how I thought she would sound like instead of Tune Into My Heart or some anonymous RedOne track. Class Actress, to me, isn't as overdone (overdid?) as Little Boots is lyrically. There's more to Class Actress on this EP alone than a dozen songs telling me how in love she is with some guy. There's a bit more depth there.
  11. RJF


    I'm listening to the EP right now. It's sort of like if Bat for Lashes and Little Boots had a baby.
  12. So what's next for Class Actress? Is there an album on the horizon?

    Just noticed there is one song that wasn't on the EP on their myspace. Its called All The Saints and is very very good. Their songs are so simple, but effective.
  13. I really enjoyed this. I think Adolescent Heart was my favourite. Will definitely be giving this another listen.
  14. Adolescent Heart bowled me over on the first play. I hope Class Actress gets an album out soon. The Journal Of Ardency EP is my new favourite EP.
  15. Yes my EP of the moment as well. Loving these tracks and hope for an album!
  16. I've just bought this and will give it a full listen soon, but from what I've heard so far it sounds a little bit like an ethereal Little Boots meets Goldfrapp.
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