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Classic Pop Magazine - anybody got it?

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Bleu Noir, Oct 10, 2012.

  1. Hazell Dean reminiscing about her best days:

  2. I know we shouldn't look back at Little Britain fondly but the line 'It's got Hazell Dean on the cover and a very informative article on rimming' will always make me chuckle.
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  3. Updated to include the Suzanne Vega section which I inexplicably missed out....
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  5. Poor Suzanne Vega.
  6. Cheers @nlgbbbblth - they've surprised me with their popularity!
  7. Read that. Enjoyed it. And agreed with pretty much all of it. I've already posted here somewhere my thoughts on Q and often wondered at how good it could have been had they been a little more embracing of the value in having a pop sensibility somewhere in their team. Their sneering at pop music and near ignoring of women in music even existing (beyond Kate Bush, Madonna and the PJ Harveys of the world of course) really grated over time to the extent I just couldn't buy (into) it any longer. That said, the passion and attentiveness to detail in some of their reviews, coupled with occasionally compelling interviews went some way to addressing the shortfalls.

    Great piece by the way.
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  8. It was the constant 'lists' that killed Q, that and the '20 page anniversary of Nevermind' every year. By the end, it wasn't even something I'd pick up for a long train journey as I knew there'd be nothing to read other than a couple of reviews.
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  9. Thank you! Yes, I think two writers who would have really made Q better are Chris Roberts and Tim de Lisle. Not only excellent journalists with good taste, they are also more attuned to female music and have no "macho posturing" issues.
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  10. Off topic, it's been a long while since ive watched little Britain and although some of it was near the knuckle, I don't remember ever feeling they were ever trying to be purposely cruel or unkind about the type of characters they playing but maybe I'm wrong.

    It's sad that Q has gone but if I'm honest, I always much preferred Select and Vox in the day. I always felt Q just liked to stick U2 or Coldplay on the front and stick to the very safe stadium bands to sell copies.
  11. The number of times REM were on the front was ridiculous. U2 too.
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  12. I guess Louise Goffin is the daughter of Carole King and Gerry Goffin?

    Only just realised this week Q reviews were in alphabetical order.
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  13. Oh I agree re: Little Britain they kind of had to go that one step further all the time and get more outrageous. I saw Bubble's friend (the one David Walliams dressed as a large black lady) as just being even more OTT than Bubbles but I guess someone should have said 'Are we really going there'? to them.

    Yeah Select and Vox were great reads. I used to love a good mag sesh back in the day with those kind of publications. Select struck a nice balance of all kinds of music.
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  14. That is true. I didn't want to say that though because I bloody love REM.
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  15. Yup, the longer feature on her album that I link to on the blog gives a bit more detail.

    I always liked that! Although you knew if an album wasn't going to be featured that month if you'd reached that letter in the alphabet, and they also weren't one of the "box" reviews.
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  16. They were one of my top bands between 1989 and 1999, but it got a bit much!
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  17. I do kind of get why a white person should not play an a black role but in defense of Bubbles rival, her skin colour was completely irrelevant and had no bearing on the joke. The joke was just that bubbles had a rival for the men's affection at the Spa, who was also vulumptious and enjoyed the high life.

    I appreciate they probably shouldn't have bothered but I do wonder if anyone was genuinely offended by it. I hope not. Definitely wouldn't want to try a write a character driven sketch show in today's climate anyway.
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