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Classic Pop Magazine - anybody got it?

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Bleu Noir, Oct 10, 2012.

  1. Without stating the obvious, a lot of things that I use to love the mags for were reading about who was in the studio, future album and singles schedules and just basic band news, which I guess the internet took over from.

    Especially in the early 90s, you could be completely in the dark for months or years about a band and suddenly you find out next month a brand single and album is about to drop. Was exciting.
  2. I loved it when music magazines put acts on the cover to challenge their readership and shake them out of their rut. Like Kylie and Primal Scream on the cover of Select. Q just stuck to their tried and trusted after a while.
  3. As a person of colour (am I allowed to say my skin colour is coffee?), I never found Bubbles offensive!
  4. The archive with all the Q covers bears this out. After about 1995, it all got very predictable.
  5. Did you read Q from the late 80s and if so was it a better more varied read? I don't think I started reading it before the mid nineties.
  6. I began with issue #2, October 1986. It was quite a different beast to the one it became in the mid-90s, and then again in the 00s.

    More relaxed, less sensationalist, more time and space for long reviews and informal interviews. Just less noise. And more variety. It ended up like a glossy, laddish NME.
  7. I think Mojo took over the role Q used to do but did it on acts I had no interest in. Never cared about Dylan or Van Morrison and never wanted to read 30 page features on them.
  8. Mojo and Uncut are too fixated on the past. But then music culture's pretty much redundant now, and even pop's become a heritage industry.
  9. Actually I've just realised the irony of this post, by someone with a blog like mine.
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  10. I completely forgot Uncut existed still.
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  12. I got my first Q around Nov 1991 and it was due to the review of U2's Achtung Baby. I was unsure whether to buy the CD. The review sold it for me. It was very comprehensive!
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  13. I found Q's reviews of concerts more interesting than album reviews as the years progressed. I feel when you see a band live you get to understand them more than simply playing a record. I definitely feel the writing influenced me to go and see some acts live.
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  14. It's a jagged little pill to swallow.
  15. One example of how Q shifted from its original attitude and style is that two of the earliest 5-star reviews were for The Pretenders (Get Close) and Til Tuesday/Aimee Mann (Welcome Home).
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  16. You oughta know better than to start with the puns.
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  18. Got the (original) CD out again in the week and my, what a pristine recording it is. I've almost played that album too much down the years!

    The updates have slowed down, I'm afraid...hoped to be more prolific but brain and body says no....

    Part 4 and Part 5 are up, however...which means we've reached the halfway point!
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  19. I can’t find any proof but I am sure I fell out with Q Magazine in 1994 when I think Bedtime Stories and Kylie Minogue got ** each. I remember thinking pop albums didn’t fare well in Q during this period.
  20. Kylie Minogue, Q99...Dec 1994... 2 stars..

    "10-track disco album...with a pace -destroying smooch interlude midway, this album descends swiftly and unequivocally downhill after its cracking three-song opening gambit..."
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