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Classic Songs That You Love, But They Hate!

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by WhatKindOfKylie?, Jul 12, 2018.

  1. I was just wondering what songs by your favourite artists, you really love and at times, stan for, yet the artists themselves, would rather not exist!

    Here is some of my favourite examples:
    Whitney Houston-Where Do Broken Hearts Go

    Knocks it out of the pond here, like she did with everything in her prime, but the late, forever great Whitney, would have much rather not record this at all, as she simply hated it! Clive Davis however, saw #1 stamped all over it, and got her to do so. In the end he was right, but her hatred for the song always remained, being rarely performed in full past it's release.

    Mariah Carey-Someday

    An absolute bop from 1990, this was Mariah's first uptempo release to be a single. Although one of her favourite from her initial pack of demos, the final 'over-produced' version of the song that made the debut album, made her dislike it as a result. Even her 2015 Greatest Hits set, would not even feature the original album mix, NOR single 7' remix! Instead, it was the MTV Unplugged version from 1992 (as posted above) that made the final cut.

    Kylie-Word Is Out

    This song, took Miss Minogue into the heights of the New Jack Swing era back in the late Summer of 1991. Alas, it would stall at just #16, her first song ever NOT to make the UK top 10. This could well be why she's pretty much ignored it ever since....

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  2. Word Is Out is such a bop I hate to think Kylie hates it

    Hmmm trying to think here's some from the top of my head

    The Saturdays - Gentleman and My Heart Takes Over (I know they aren't fond of these two probably because both underperformed I however love both especially the latter)

    Girls Aloud - The Loving Kind (Nicola Roberts hates this one and is just another reason why I'm not a big fan of hers)

    Melanie C - On the Horizon (She despises this one I personally think it's one of the few decent tracks on the second album)

    Little Mix - Cannonball (I get the feeling they don't like this one seeing as they never perform it I think it's a good cover)

    Sugababes - Red Dress (Mutya didn't like this but thankfully Amelle re recorded it and actually saved it)

    Oasis - The entire Be Here Now album (Noel admitted he hates this album I think it's one of their best)
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  3. Red Dress, I have always adored that one! The Amelle version, IS indeed better too, very much so.
  4. Also on a classic Kylie tip

    How can she hate this pop perfection?!

    I wish she would dust it off for a long overdue appearance on tour, it would be amazing!
  5. I was gonna go for this one, but for thought I'd let my fellow Fool stans do the job for me he he!
  6. We are a small but dedicated group!
  7. Indeed! Flopbop fans forever.
  8. The late great Donna Summer and this absolute BOP! I don’t think she performed it ever again and didn’t even appear in the video.....

  9. Indeed, she hated it so much, that the video for the song itself, proved to be a no show for Miss Summer! Cute little bop I think.
  10. Whilst I’m at many to choose from but Madonna has never performed this live I don’t believe? I know not to everyone’s taste but I kinda love it.....

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  11. Dear Jessie has really grown on me in recent months! Cute song!

    And speaking of 1989 era Madonna:

    Once called by the lady herself , to be one of her most 'retarded' songs.
  12. Doesn't Madonna hate this?

    Which is, quite frankly, homophobic!
  13. Why does Madonna seem to hate so many of her best bops?!
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  14. Not sure if she doesn’t like this? Was performed as “recently” as the sticky and sweet tour? And was a highlight for sure....


  15. How could the boys not like this?! A fantastic finale!
  16. Adore Cherish, and in fact all of the Like A Prayer album.
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  17. Benny & Bjorn seem to hate all their best work and as such are clearly not to be trusted

    They felt that banger was never quite right, and they refuse to release what might have been their best ever song!

  18. I don't know if she hates it as such, but I wish that she would show some love and respect to Keep It Together more often! Another fantastic Like A Prayer single.
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  19. My last point for the evening as could be here all night!!!!! Keren and Sara really don’t like this one at all......however at least they have the grace to understand it’s a fan favourite and do perform it through gritted teeth ha ha
  20. 'Shiny Happy People' by R.E.M. is loathed by Michael Stipe and didn't make it onto their 2003 'Best of', despite being one of their biggest hits.
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