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Discussion in 'K-pop' started by eliminathan, Feb 1, 2019.


Will CLC outsell (G)I-DLE?

  1. Red Lip?

    18 vote(s)
  2. No.

    15 vote(s)
  3. No oh oh.

    9 vote(s)
Multiple votes are allowed.
  1. I'm so so so happy they've won first place eventually. Hobgoblin and Black Dress really should've too but they've done well to build up to this.
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  2. Sorn uploaded this to PRODUSORN I'm crying again.

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  3. CLC just got their second win. The talent jumped out.

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  4. Sorry Dreamcatcher but you'll get your chance soon.
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  5. That CLC reign just won't let up.
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  7. More PRODUSORN content.


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  8. [​IMG]

    No.1's promotion is officially over, maybe now I can finally settle on sales for my opening post and finish it now that they got their wins.

    Legends supporting legends, hopefully Dreamcatcher can manage to sneak a win somehow even if CLC took their last chance before LOONA and Monsta X. If The Show gives out four first wins in the first three months tbh I would live.

    Seunghee and Seungyeon in the last two photos are very this.

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  9. I’m going to give the gays everything they want - Seungyeon, 2019

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  10. Why is "Choreography by Hyunjin" sending me?

    L E T ' S G E T T H I S B R E A D
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  11. DDD, she performed and recorded this all the way back in November because this look and set was what she posted on instagram for her birthday last year. Come through with the backlog of monthly dance covers but having her last one be from a week old song.
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  12. Like it got a choreo video, they’re standing so far back for most of it though I don’t understand.

    Also ProduSorn hit 100k subs and she got ha silver play button, icon doesn’t need to share with CUBE anymore.

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  13. Oh that strawberry blonde is pretty on Sorn. I always thought she was so gorgeous.

    I'm glad her channel is doing decently and she's enjoying herself.
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  14. Dreamcatcher's channel uploaded a video where they're in the waiting room playing games with their new friends CLC.

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  15. CLC and Cheshires are celebrating the fourth anniversary of the groups' debut today.

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  16. Here's to four more years of bops, please girlies.
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  17. Monotree just put out a new video about the making of Breakdown and holy fuck THE HARMONIES

  18. Oh god CLC’s first problematic scandal Seungyeon why. And on a Beyoncé song too? The audacity.

    The dance is spectacular though, wow best female dancer in kpop bar none, problematic legends only.

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