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Discussion in 'K-pop' started by eliminathan, Feb 1, 2019.


Will CLC outsell (G)I-DLE?

  1. Red Lip?

    18 vote(s)
  2. No.

    15 vote(s)
  3. No oh oh.

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  1. Follow Seungyeon hunties, at this rate we might have all seven members with their own channels by the end of the year ddd.
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  2. Some updates on PRODUSORN.

    She has been posting her own recordings of the No MV behind the scenes, so we get even more content than Cube's behind the scenes.

  3. Also she started livestreaming during their break period, she hopes to stream weekly if she can.

    She really came for the cheshires here I'm stressed.

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  4. [​IMG]

    Cheshires make some noise please

    Round-up of what's been happening with the girlies.

    Seunghee and Yeeun are on an OST calling SuJu's Siwon a Really Bad Guy, and honestly they spilled the tea on that one.

    PRODUSORN's latest video is Sorn with ha hoobae from (G)-IDLE, Minnie.

    Seungyeon released another monthly choreography after getting dragged for ha last one, this time with good sis Yujin.

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  5. The new hairstyles for their new comeback. No huge changes but we get Seunghee with a LOB, Seungyeon with greyish tips, Yujin with that dead straight middle part. Wow. Yeeun eyes.

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  6. They look gorgeous as ever. At least we know a comeback is happening.
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  7. They also performed this short thing at the end of No and if it’s a spoiler or a hype track I have no idea but we STAN.

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  8. Me to this song:

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  9. A (very) short sampler of what we're getting. The big EDM drop is part of the actual song and not just the live performance, however it looks like they're going to sing over it so it might be a regular chorus instead of a dance break.

    CLC's part is at the end.
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  10. CLC ME TEASERS COMING OUT TBH THEY ALL LOOK ICONIC. Looks like it's four today and then maybe three + full shot tomorrow?

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  11. Concept queens.
    Imagine having three completely unrelated lewks for a digital single.
    The power that they have!
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  12. The video bears a striking similarity to Oh!GG's Lil' Touch in more than a few parts but I'm loving it.
  13. Yaass get that dingo promo for a digital single queens.

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  14. Seungyeon released her most recent choreography video and I'm spooked.

    Also they're uploading the CHEATKEY videos of the new comeback behind the scenes let's get this content.

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  15. Follow the girlies, they're already all interacting on each others posts and I'm LIVING.

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  16. I'm a new fan, guys. Thanks to someone recommending Black Dress and Hobgoblin on a Blackpink thread somewhere of artists that sound similar or have a similar sound to BP, I decided to check them out. I watched Hobgoblin first and Yeeun instantly caught my attention because she had such a strong Jennie vibe about her not only because they are both rappers but because she does that thing Jennie does while rapping (the winking and the swag moves). That got me hooked. Watched Black Dress next and it only confirmed that Yeeun is my bias, haha.

    ME is such a great song and funnily enough, the music (especially during the chorus) reminds me so much of BP's DDDD remix.

    Can't wait to check out the rest of their discography and watch their videos and get sucked into that YouTube black hole just like I did when I got into BP.
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  17. Sorn is too precious. I live for her calling ME a bop, Elkie a visual wall and saying "get that screen time girl!!" when she sees herself.
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  18. You might also like gugudan. They're pretty sharp and badass. I've grown to love them.
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  19. "Step on me, girls!" - same, sis, da fuck.
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