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Clean Bandit - 2nd Album + Singles

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by pranavc, May 26, 2016.

  1. Here is the new Clean Bandit single:

    Not sure how I feel about this one. I want to love it but I cannot.
  2. Thanks, been wanting to hear it.
  3. I love it- thank you
  4. Ooooh this is good.
  5. I think nothing by Clean Bandit will come close to the brilliance of "Extraordinary". That is quite a high benchmark. Hence, the feeling of being underwhelmed.
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  6. 2014

    2014 Moderator

    It's ok! Very interested to see where Louisa goes from here, finally Syco seem to be changing tactic a bit.
  7. The article RE:this on the front page is pure hyperbole, but this IS really, really good. I feel like it's true amazingness will reveal itself after multiple plays.
  8. I've played it a few times I love it with each listen, shes really come through, and clean bandit are just brilliant
  9. The crescendo building to the chorus is glorious, but shame that Louisa's voice is so uninteresting.
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  10. Is this going to be a Clean Bandit thread or a Louisa thread?
  11. Where's the goddamn Marina track.
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  12. I'm quite impressed with Syco being savvy enough to get Louisa on a Clean Bandit track.
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  13. Wow....this is actually amazing. Loving the 70s inspired disco sounds on this one. I've always loved Louisa's voice and she sounds great on that pre-chorus but her voice sounds so...thin? I rememebered it being a lot fuller when she was on XF.
    Nonetheless it's a great summer track and definitely going on my summer playlist along with Dua, Ariana & 5H.
  14. What is this, an extremely poor attempt at recreating I Will Survive?
  15. Wasn't Gabriella Cilmi's 'On a Mission' supposed to be the 'I Will Survive' of the 21st Century?

  16. I can literally hear Leona all over this track.
  17. I remember Elton John saying that Born This Way would render I Will Survive irrelevant.

  18. This is basically MacArthur's Park level of gay, even for a Clean Bandit single, no?

    It would have been better with Olly Alexander singing it, kii.
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  19. This is great. A lot of fun.

    Would be a great warm disco Gaga song.
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  20. I'm unsure about this. I don't dislike it. I wonder if it'll grow.
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