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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Leopold, Dec 28, 2012.

  1. He was by far the most charismatic – without him they basically just look like a university BA(Hons) Music Studies band who can afford a stylist.
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  2. I think you guys are just biased because he's hot and hunty.
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  3. They're all pretty irrelevant but at least the hunty was hot.
  4. londonrain

    londonrain Staff Member

    The video for Rockabye is out.

    I know they've chucked in more shots of Grace, but this just reminds me that I wouldn't recognise anybody from Clean Bandit if they were six feet from my face unless they were Grace or Neil.
  5. Ready for this to turn into Grace Bandit & the Scene.
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  6. I like it but I have to say I'm not feeling it as much as Tears. Hopefully it'll grow on me.
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  7. "Daily struggle" is my favorite ad-lib ever, I think. The blasé way Sean Paul just throws it in there real quick gives me "sorry sir but we're out of milk is soya okay?" vibes.
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  8. Daily struggle is ICONIK.
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  9. I'm not really feeling it. Glad they're trying something (kinda sorta) new (for them) but meh. I like Anne Marie but Sean Paul is pretty unnecessary here. Perched'T for the album though. Their debut still gives me life.
  10. Sean is necessary for his adlibs and backing vocals in the chorus. I don't like this as much as Tears but it's not bad, 2 for 2.
  11. Rockabye is garbage. Not impressed.
  12. I find it brilliant.
  13. The bit with the old men miming to Sean Paul's part in the video made me laugh so much.
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  14. I'm losing faith in PJ. They put this load of shite at the top of the playlist and the two best songs released this week (Icona Pop and The Knocks) are right down the bottom.
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  15. Not even Sean Paul can make me dislike Rockabye. It's just too Ace of Base for me to hate.
  16. I mean I appreciate that the lyrics aren't just your usual 'dancin' in the clerb/gettin' fucked raw behind the dumpster' fare that dance songs tend to confine themselves to but I don't know. Besides just being tired of the trend in general, I guess I just feel like they're better than the whole 'tropical dance' sound. Their debut absolutely had a lot of throwback elements and it wasn't exactly original 100% but at least it was interesting. Like I said, still looking forward to the eventual album.
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  17. Maybe I'd like it if weren't about an actual baby, but these lyrics make me cringe beyond belief.
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  18. Why are they still paying Marina dust?
  19. You know how it is...
    Daily Struggle.

  20. Their new single is so Ace Of Base.
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