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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Leopold, Dec 28, 2012.

  1. I actually really like that, I like that Sean's contribution is throughout and integral to the song, rather than you wouldnt notice the difference if you just lifted it out.
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  2. It's so refreshing to see someone actually singing (well, miming) in a music video. The ones that just have random young people partying are SO BORING. And also, a song with a proper chorus. Thank God for Clean Bandit.
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  3. Did Clean Bandit actually do anything in this song?
  4. I like this song a whole lot more than I thought it would. Been listening to it ten times in one day, that's even more than some of the songs off of Joanne.
  5. It's more the case that

    No one is here for random ugly Caucasians from money in 2016.
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  6. All this time I actually thought Neil was Marina's guy.
    Poor Marina etc.
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  7. I find this song kind of hideous? Which is a shame as I normally quite like their stuff.
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  8. Low-key here for Bad Gyal Grace's dancing. Post and package that puss all the way from Eton to St Andrew's sis.
  9. It sound like an A&R label meeting gone well. It's a fantastic song!
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  10. Y'all this song is really cute and fucking cool. I love it! I've recently gotten closer to my mom after a few years of emotional distance, and the video + song made me tear up a bit. I love you, mom.
  11. This is incredible. So is Tears. It's crazy how pumped I am for this album. They really know their way around a bop.
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  12. Cackle at Queen Grace holding onto that cello on for dear life, even if it has nothing to do with this song. Can she sing? She should try singing for a track on the album.

    Either way, they look good, Sean looks good, Anne-Marie looks good, the pole dancers look good. Great video from everyone involved.
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  13. Grace is so awkward. She looks like she'd rather be playing in a Dutch symphonic goth metal band.
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  14. I found the video hilarious. They really want this to be 2016's answer to City High's "What Would You Do" don't they.
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  15. Not me calling this hideous on Saturday only to be bopping 6 days later.

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  16. Daily struggle!
  17. So where did the song chart in the end?
  18. It's been #1 for two weeks, about to snatch the third one this Friday!

    They also posted a photo with Zara, another hit/bop is coming!

  19. Clean Bandit, may they bless Zara with that album.
  20. I am shook they went #1, I was expecting Top 10 and out.

    The power of Sean Paul though!
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