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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Leopold, Dec 28, 2012.

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    It's actually increased in sales and streaming since the debut week. It started at #7 on the general chart, then went to #3 and then #1 for two weeks.

    Tears has only just dropped out of the top 75 after almost six months on the chart (it's down from #73 to #86 in its 25th week, and it's stayed at #86 in the midweek chart so will probably stay in the top 100 for its 26th week).

    I'm surprised the album isn't coming sooner, to be honest. Their momentum is great at the moment.
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  2. That's pretty phenomenal.

    Poor Neil, ha expendability.
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  3. They're working with Zara.
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  4. Fuck YAASSSSS!
  5. Watch Zara re-record all of Marina's demos.
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  6. Chatto slaying that choreo.
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  7. Seriously when is the damn album coming?
  8. Q1 I believe.
  9. Louisa sang it on the live lounge and added a verse and a chorus from "All That She Wants".
  10. When Black Beatles is exploding and you've run out of ideas on how to stay at #1.
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  11. I don't think they're too worried about that given that they are #1 both on iTunes and Spotify and Black Beatles is decreasing all across the board.
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  12. It's also blatantly trying to jump on BB's bandwagon to help break them in the US since is concentrated around American users, but let me take m foot off their necks, Rockabye is a bop.
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  13. I don't think it'll be a big hit in the US at all but at least it seems to be spreading across Europe, so I'm happy for them. I'm also happy Black Beatles is getting some success here since Europe usually completely disregards urban music. . can choke and be left behind in 2016, though.
  14. Regarding vocals, she can do way better.
  15. Doing promo for the people who made your previous single. Hoping she can get another feature now Anne-Marie is guaranteed another collab just like Jess Glynne did? (actually Marina's boyfriend has writing and production credits for Hold My Hand, so that's three)

    My first listen of 'All That She Wants'. Cute bop, but 'The Sign' remains superior. Pitch Perfect knows the tea. But single mothers want strong dependable men, not another random sexual partner. Or another sexual partner to get pregnant and child support, depending on your definition of 'baby'.

    Louisa should have brought her mic stand down a smidge, it's no good singing with your head tilted upwards like that. Great that she got back on key. Her vocal is too soft in the mix, she's being muffled. It's better in her 'So Good' performance, but she definitely sounds pinched both times.
  16. I love Louisa but it's definitely a good job she got Tears over Rockabye even though the latter has smashed more. Much better fit vocally.
  17. This post is really weird, but, yeah, The Sign is a tiny lil bit better than All That She Wants.
  18. Well Pitch Perfect was where I first heard The Sign. There's a quiet gap in the instrumentation in All That She Wants, a hole where there could have been sound that I don't really like.

    'All that she wants is another baby', but who's the 'baby'? A bae or a product of childbirth? Were the Ace of Base sisters singing about anecdotal tales of women intentionally getting pregnant and giving birth to get child support from men? Probably not, but if one were to believe this intepretation I randomly came up with, it wouldn't be nice for Louisa to interpolate such a song in Rockabye, a song about single mothers 'going through frustration'. Anyway single mothers don't want another 'baby' to get with, they want dependable men who can give them love and mutual support, so that's not really accurate for Louisa to sing anyway.

    sorry i dumped this on you
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  19. It's not that serious
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  20. I've never watched Pitch Perfect I don't play with demonZzz...
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