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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Leopold, Dec 28, 2012.

  1. Anyone know why Years & Years aren't credited on their track on the re-issue (Stronger)?
  2. All those songs are on the reissue I can see?
  3. Just heard the album version of Stronger, why is this so inferior compared to the version they've been playing live? I'm honestly hoping that they're holding out on another studio recording of it as a single mix, this song deserves to smash with the proper vocalists.
  4. Maybe this is a North America/Canada-only edition? The track list is:

    1. Real Love
    2. Come Over
    3. Rather Be
    4. Show Me Love
    5. Extraordinary
    6. Mozart's House
    7. Stronger
    8. Up Again (Remix)
    9. Cologne
    10. Heart on Fire
    11. Dust Clears
    12. New Eyes
    13. A+E
  5. Our UK Spotify now has a re-released 'deluxe' version with 29 tracks including all the old and new ones!
    'Stronger' is the new track I heard them do live and I'm a fan.
    It doesn't credit the singer so maybe the girl who sings it is in Clean Bandit? It sounds like the black girl they had on tour.

    Amazing live by the way, I was blown away.
  6. I actually think this is one of my top 2014 albums. I love how well strings blend with electronics, their music is pleasantly diverse and original and Grace Chatto is such a cutie. They're a much bigger deal in my eyes than, say, Kiesza (who's also great, but more of a one-trick-pony at the moment).
  7. Great track. This isn't on the album is it?
  8. I looked for it, looks like it's on the standard in the US -
    But cannot find it on the UK edition.

    It still baffles me how Come Over was chosen over Heart on Fire or Cologne.
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  9. This song is brilliant.

    (Perched as fuck for the Marina track though. I was hoping it would be coming next.)
  10. Guest member

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    "Stronger" is on the re-release of 'New Eyes' together with "Real Love". The Marina track will be on their second album.
  11. A&E


    Sugababes hew? Windows 7 what?

  12. Oh my days, Milan is so incredibly hot and cute in that video!
  13. Here's a radio rip of the new version of Stronger for the single mix:

    They've kept Olly from Years & Years' vocals but added on extra adlibs from the two singers who tour with them (Florence Rawlings and Elisabeth Troy.) See this tweet -

    I really love the added production and vocals. It gives the song so much more energy that I felt was lacking from the studio version compared to when they performed it live. Hopefully another big hit for them!
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    Are you joking? Olly's vocals have been 100% replaced. And the single version is a complete mess.
  15. I can still hear him in the verses.
  16. Christ that's awful. Olly is totally off it and the song sounds cheap and messy with the new editions. Literally just listening to the original and thinking it sounded like a number 1 for them, even without a "feat. Years and Years".
  17. Grace gives me optimum amounts of cringe whenever I see her in videos. I can't explain it.

    That bus driver is amazing and could teach Tom Hanks a thing or two about lip-syncing.
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