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Climate Crisis

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by ohnostalgia, Jul 11, 2019.

  1. A thread for anyone, like me, who is freaking the fuck out.

    Possible discussions; which industries/companies are the worst offenders, what’s the most environmentally friendly way to consume music (it may not be streaming), do you feel personal changes can make a difference? What climate changes are you noticing in your area? Etc.

    Right now I’m terrified that the Canadian conservatives will win the next election and roll back any attempts to help the environment.
  2. It’s hot as balls outside today.
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  3. I read a report yesterday on how it's been confirmed that the Ozone has begun to repair itself over the last few years and the first response to it was a man who said "I knew climate change was a myth"

    Like how stupid do you need to be? The Ozone is repairing which means we fucked it up to start with. Plus, the fact the Ozone is repairing doesn't mean our planet isn't in a shambolic state.
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  4. Six Seven people died from the thunderstorm here yesterday.
  5. Holy shit. That’s awful. Is that quite common in Greece now?
  6. Ugh at your last paragraph. We need a Canadian Politics thread to discuss just how incompetent the Canadian left are if Scheer and the Conservatives win this fall.
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  8. Right now I’ve focused a lot on trying to make personal changes but a) I know that we really need the corporations to be regulated and b) I have the privilege of time to hunt for second hand items, carry around reusable cutlery and bags, hunt for non plastic packaging, bring stuff to the local compost etc.

    Also because I live on a dirty power grid it feels like any actions I do take are negated whenever I use electricity. So basically I feel hopeless most of the time.
  9. Yep
  10. nn the different weather in the last 12 months has really fucked Italy up. Me and my family do our best for the environment but a family's work in one year is basically nullified by 1 minute by a random factory anyway, in terms of pollution.

    We're fucked. The next generations even more so.
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  11. I worry about this a lot too. I try to do my bit by being extra aware of looking where my products come from (e.g. trying to avoid cosmetic products that contain palm oil or micro beads) and cutting down my plastic usage. I do all my traveling via public transport, but then again I don’t own a drivers licence so it’s more out of necessity. I get really mad when people try to deny climate change.

    However, I’m also very aware of the fact that I travelled by plane over ten times this year so far, and I probably use a hell of a lot of electricity. I also can’t imagine the amount of paper I print and use when teaching is particularly good for the environment.

    So basically I try really, really hard ... but it’s also quite difficult to change old habits overnight. If there was a local group in my area that focused on these things I’d volunteer in a heartbeat.

    On the other hand ... I also feel like sometimes we’re maybe putting to much pressure on ourselves as individuals and not enough pressure on the big corporations.
  12. I think I tried to start one before but it flopped. I’d be happy to have a new one. I want to get more involved in trying to influence government policy but honestly I don’t know how. Especially when I live in one of the Climate Denier Provinces.’
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  13. Global Warming innit.
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  14. Vinyljustice hunties found avoiding this thread.
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  15. However if you’re buying used vinyls, that’s taking items out of the landfill!
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  16. I'm not freaking out because I think in the end, it's inevitable. I recycle everything I can and I donate unwanted clothes to charity every couple of months. I don't smoke, I don't eat meat...
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  17. I'm embarrassed and infuriated in equal measure to have my province represented by the personification of a colossal stinking donkey shit.
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  18. I think we're fucked unless the governments actually do something, but money keeps making the decisions for them. They don't care about anything that comes after them as long as they can live comfortably until they bite the dust.

    In Spain, the whole drama is now around Madrid Central that the right wing party is trying to destroy.
    The subway and the buses take you literally everywhere in that city (and the initiative is just for the city centre!), so why the hell do people want cars for there? To feel more important? The classism of it all.

    We need responsible people in government and we need them now.
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  19. Me blowing through a pack of Parliaments whilst cooking bacon cheeseburgers and admiring my collection of cool contemporary indie records

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