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Climate Crisis

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by ohnostalgia, Jul 11, 2019.

  1. Doing my best to make changes on a personal level but I really think, as many have said, governments, businesses and corporations need to be the ones making changes on their side for this to make a difference. For every person like us that are trying, there'll be one who isn't and they won't until they have no other option but to start acting because there aren't other options available to them. Supermarkets need to stop stocking things in unnecessary plastic packaging, and making convenience food (like chopped vegetables or mixed bags) available when you can just buy these loose and chop them yourself for example!
  2. I really don’t understand why some governments are not jumping on the chance to create jobs in the green energy fields. The old manufacturing jobs are not coming back.
  3. This would be awful for a lot of disabled, sick and elderly people.
  4. Or there could be someone in charge of chopping it in the supermarket itself? Just like in the butcher's/meat area (charcuterie is a word? dd).


    It's even more disheartening living in the Canary Islands, where we could live off solar and wind energy alone. But nooooooo, installing a solar panel in your house is all problems (the government even put a tax on The bloody Sun at some point) and trying to build a windmill is impossible because nobody wants it close. We're dying, people. Ugg.
  5. You're right and I apologise for not considering this fully when I made my comment. It's still an unfortunate use of plastic though, and manufacturers could surely find an alternative way to package these convenience products or explore other ways to bring products like this to market without using plastic.
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  6. Yes, we do need to keep the intersection of disability and climate crisis in mind. It was ignored with the straw ban, but thankfully a lot of municipalities say restaurants can provide plastic straws on request for those who absolutely need them.

    There is definitely a lot of plastic packaging being used that is not needed by the sick, disabled, or elderly. That’s what I would like businesses to focus on. And food waste in the case of grocery stores.
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  7. The biggest roadblock to renewable energy is the idea that the power needs to always be on.

    "But the sun goes down at night!"

    "But some days there's no wind!"

    etc. etc.

    The future is home batteries that provide us continuous power while dynamically charging from solar/wind and a renewable-powered grid depending on where the energy is flowing from at any time.

    The sooner people get over this idea that power needs to be continuously produced the better. It's like being so scared of your phone dying that you never unplug it from its charger.

  8. When I get too sad or stressed about where the Earth is heading, this video always gives me some hope. Even little changes or gestures can make a difference. When we put our minds to actually saving the planet, look at what people can come up with.
  9. I just read a book (well, read half of it until I got busy) called Climate Justice and it was a great read. I am fascinated by climate change but everything about it gives me such an impending sense of doom and anxiety, so the book was a great way to read/learn more about it and not have a panic attack.

    For anyone interested in it, it focused on women across the world dealing with climate change head on in their communities and how they have come together to create a coalition to educate more about it. It gave me a lot of hope.
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  10. If you use Firefox there’s an extension that visualizes how much carbon dioxide emissions you generate using the internet. I think it’s only available on computers and laptops, but I’m going to give it a try. There might be similar apps for mobile/other browsers.

    It made me think about how video game companies like Steam insist you connect to the internet to play games that don’t need it.
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  11. Solenciennes

    Solenciennes Moderator

    Power does always need to be on though. Hospitals, data servers, industry, critical national infrastructure... there are lots of large consumers of electricity, it’s not just domestic use that contributes to usage. On that subject, the absolute scare mongering about smart meters in the media has pretty much wrecked the opportunity to operate our existing network cleverly in the UK.
  12. I’m scared to ask what this is about.
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  13. This is the main reason I work hard to not allow myself to get too stressed about this. I try to do as much as I can on my daily basis but ultimately I know that climate change will only stop being a threat if we overcome capitalism and move into a different, more socially and ecologically conscious system. All the jokes about there's no ethical consumption under capitalism apply to the environment as well, after all.

    Brasil was more or less working towards that path during the last couple years of Dilma's government but... Oh, well.
  14. Solenciennes

    Solenciennes Moderator

    “Your data could be used to spy on you!” - the entire point of them is to tell the customer and the industry about real time consumption data instead of having to base everything on assumed usage, like, the basis of pricing still uses the assumption that winter is the period of highest demand with 5pm being the time in the evening when domestic demand hits its peak - except, as the world has evolved, you find that in cities it’s actually summer that has the highest demand (eg air conditioning units going into overdrive in office blocks etc) and the traditional 9-5 working day with everyone racing home to start their evening at the same time isn’t really as normal as it used to be, and the advent of TV, gaming, mobile phones, internet etc means people are plugged in constantly...

    So when you take all that and consider that the network that brings power to our homes will need to be invested in to ensure it doesn’t fault due to demand exceeding capacity, it’d sure be useful if there was some magical way to be able to know where and when people are putting strain on the network and avoid power cuts... if only such a technology existed and wasn’t subject to pearl clutching media shit stirring. Some of the headlines are infuriating, the network companies (who have a business need for that data) aren’t actually given free rein access to it, it’s encrypted and only partially provided so there’s no identifiable information about customers, it’s just pure consumption data.

    I could ramble on forever, it’s just such a dumb road block to something that could actually make a big difference to reliability of supply and avoiding costs spent on repairing faults and expensive, time consuming reinforcement work that in reality might have only been triggered by one particular customer (like an office block) or an inadequate circuit to one particular residential area (eg if it was designed to support 50 residences presumed to have maybe 150 people living in them but actually it’s more like 200 & their consumption habits have overloaded the circuit)... at the moment they can monitor when reinforcement is going to become necessary but it’s impossible to know why that is when the area requiring reinforcement is heavily interconnected. Smart meters would change all of that uncertainty and then on the basis of good/bad consumption habits, different tariffs could be offered to encourage people to reduce their usage, make it cheaper to use at different times of day or whatever to manage the network in a way that defers the need to spend money that gets passed back to all of us in our bills, paid for through taxes, ultimately.
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  15. @Solenciennes I wish I had a smart power meter so I’m actually charged for what I used. Last August when I wasn’t living in my house I got charged one of my more expensive power bills based on these assumptions. Literally nothing was on in that apartment!!!! I even unplugged everything because I was paranoid about fires starting ddd.
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  16. Not really, there's a difference between constantly needing power and constantly being supplied power. Granted a hospital's an extreme example and would need pretty huge battery reserves but it's a better future than gas generators.
  17. Solenciennes

    Solenciennes Moderator

    There is but they are utterly dependent on one another. Having a constant supply of power balances the constant need for power. The uncertainty of renewable energy production can be mitigated somewhat by advanced battery storage but not completely because you’ll always have the uncertainty of demand at any point in time, which can never be known but can be anticipated better with smart meter data and commercial contracts put in place to manage the demand and generation from large customers. The UK industry is heading that way but what Ofgem, BEIS and other governmental bodies are trying to achieve keeps being tripped up by parliament and the media: the Swansea tidal lagoon project got shot down by the government, nuclear energy is unpopular due to health concerns and the absolute mess of arranging to build any new plants has been a joke, and other forms of renewable energy still have that weather dependent caveat to them, so being able to reduce oil, gas and LNG to backup sources is still out of reach.
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  18. On a consumer level, we can do our part to recycle more but then do we even know where our waste goes once it's taken away?

    Germany sends tons of trash to Poland, where it's burned. America and Australia were sending it to China, where a lot of it ended up being dumped into rivers and eventually out to sea.

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  19. People are mental, but smart meters will be rolled out to everyone eventually. Might not be by 2020 as planned, but it won’t be too long.
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