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Climate Crisis

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by ohnostalgia, Jul 11, 2019.

  1. I know we’re mostly focused on prevention now, but some good news for the Ocean Cleanup project.
  2. The momentum for the marches have really built. I'm really shocked at the pictures.

    However, what the fuck are the outfits?
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  3. What Poppy video is this?
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  5. A sobering read - and it just goes to show that these mega corporations that ‘go green’ and make strides in that direction - a lot of it is for good publicity and more business rather than any care about the environment and it’s future.

    One of the best things we can do, when possible, is just cut down our consumption and reuse, repurpose and then recycle whenever possible.
  6. Here’s an interesting article about forests. And a reminder that every climate issue is a social justice issue.
  7. Summer hasn't yet started down under, and the A(ustralian)BC is reporting that, in New South Wales, "firefighters were in "uncharted territory" and... a record 17 blazes burned simultaneously at emergency level. More than 50 other blazes across NSW remain out of control."


    While in my neck of the woods, much further south, there was a big hailstorm yesterday. I'm sure it's nothing compared to what those of you living in cooler climates experience, but I've never seen so much ice. This is from my yard:


    and this is in November (equivalent to May in the Nothern Hemisphere)!
  8. Because sometimes we need a story about Greta influencing teenagers in China.

    In other news I’m going to be part of a focus group for Greenpeace Canada. Not sure what to expect but I’m excited since it’s my first real political action on the climate crisis, taking aside marching in the climate strike and voting for my country’s Green Party.
  9. I’ve started reading This Changes Everything by Naomi Klein and I’d highly recommend it for anybody interested in climate change and the real driver (capitalism). I’d even throw in a rec for Sapiens by Yuval Noel Harari because it goes more in depth on how capitalism and the myth of eternal growth took over western society.
  10. FYI there’s another Climate Strike planned for Friday, so if you can join your local one please do. Unfortunately I have to miss mine because I’m meeting with my MP to talk about climate concerns.

    Also Friday is Buy Nothing day if you feel inclined to protest Black Friday.
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  11. Excellent reads.
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  12. The chapters on how Big Green colluded with Oil & Gas were eye opening.
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  13. I really want to check out her latest book On Fire, which advocates for a Green New Deal.
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  14. The new Netflix documentary series Broken did an episode on plastics recycling.
  15. Queen. Don't look at the comments, obviously.

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