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Climate Crisis

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by ohnostalgia, Jul 11, 2019.

  1. Advice for life.
  2. Meanwhile in Sydney:

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  4. The planet is burning and the people in power really don't care. How do we even move forwards?
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  6. Heading into 2020, what are your goals for helping fight climate change? Could be personal waste reduction efforts, buying used when possible, political actions, spreading information through conversations with the indifferent or uninformed, etc?

    I think I’d like to find a local environmental group to get more involved in. So that will be mine.
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  7. A glimpse at the A(ustralian)BC's current home page:

    FireShot Screen Capture #020 - 'ABC - Australian Broadcasting Corporation' - www_abc_net_au.jpg

    Yet the New Year's Eve firework display in Sydney (which has been surrounded by fires and full of thick, lingering smoke in the past few weeks) is going ahead as planned... because it brings in $$$. Stupid.
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  8. Statement from New South Wales premier, from the Liberal (conservative) Party:

    FireShot Screen Capture #021 - 'Bushfires.jpg

    i.e. let's ignore what's happening, because we want to reap the millions this event brings (and the welcome distraction). Plus, we don't want to be seen as being party poopers.

    Idiotic, but not surprising.
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  9. It's an excellent and not especially difficult read. I would recommend it to anyone interested in the topic, as it covers a range of perspectives and does a lot to counter the "human nature" argument and instead expand upon how post-70s neoliberalism has well and truly brought the world to its knees.
  10. I wouldn't normally spam for donations etc, but 500,000,000 animals is way too many to lose so please donate to WWF here.
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  11. Next Friday (10/01) there are planned protests in capitals around the country to lobby the government to take decisive action (increasing support to affected communities, pay our firies) as well as declare a climate emergency and begin an immediate transition from fossil fuels.
  12. At this point I honestly think protesting just isn't going to be effective enough. What's going on there right now is proper let's-throw-politicians-out-of-office stuff.
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  13. We can only hope! The fact that the conservative coalition just comfortably won "the climate election" only makes this all the more fucking infuriating.
  14. I just don’t know how we do it because most voters only care about the economy and at this point it’s a choice between combatting climate change versus keeping expansive capitalism going at the same rate. And I think I know what most people would choose unfortunately.
  15. Indeed. The real tea is that the Liberal Party have consistently proven themselves as utterly shit economic managers (surplus fetishists would be more appropriate) - notwithstanding the fact that the Murdoch hate machine would have us believe otherwise.
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  16. Bolsanaro is probably the worst thing that happened this side of the millenium in Brasil, but with the current forest fires in Australia the west shows once again it's true colours. With the deserved international outcry Bolsanaro got one would think the same would apply to Australia. Yes, there are different circumstances that differentiate between them. However the politics in Australia are severely lacking and letting pass a fire work show when it only can do harm than good in an already fragile environment currently. Where is that international outcry now? Especially in hindsight what happened in Brasil basically the same year.

    I guess politics is being politics (which applies to both national and international).
  17. I live more than 300km away from the fires, yet the smoke has made its way here, as of Monday morning. You can smell it indoors, without any windows or doors open, it is that bad, and is inescapable. And it doesn't smell nice. It's not meant to alleviate until Wednesday. I'd hate for this to become the 'new normal' during the bushfire season. Having fresh, clean air to breathe is so vital, and something we take for granted.
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  18. Yesterday was so fucked.

    I can’t even begin to imagine how insane it is for those in or right beside the actual fires.

    It’s so unbelievable to grasp and there is no end in sight for foreseeable future.

    Celeste raising over $40m is mind blowing and just one instance of the public doing more than the useless idiot in power in office.
  19. It’s been crazy here, and very scary. Scomo and his government have blood on their names.

    The worst is yet to come, and climate change is a fact.
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