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Clock (RIP Stu Allan)

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by AcerBenII, Sep 22, 2022.

  1. Sad to hear of the death of Stu Allan, who was a well-known radio and club DJ in the North West - also the main man behind the distinctive Eurocheese sound of Clock.

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  4. A couple of their later disco hits

    They scored 14 hits between 1994 and 1999 and were for a time pitched as "the British 2 Unlimited"

    No idea what Marcus "the ODC MC" is up to now. Unfortunately they never reformed and Lorna isn't interested in coming back herself, but there's a new tribute act doing the 90s circuit

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  5. Damn this is sad news, Stu Allen provided my teen years weekend music on Saturday and Sunday nights with his Move show, from house, Eurodance and (yes) hardcore hour, I still have a load of cassette recordings of his show somewhere in the house. His Master Mixes were so damned good.

    Outside of the iffy pop covers from the later years of Clock (I blame N-Trance sampling Staying Alive for this), Clock had some amazing tracks (The Rhythm, Everybody, Massive). As far as them being the British 2Unlimited, I always felt they were more the British Cappella with them being on Media Records (and the fact Stu used to shill the hell out of anything on that label).

    I wasn't expecting this news to bother me as much as it has this morning, I think today is going to be taken up by listening to his mixes and having a Clock binge. RIP Stu Allen.
  6. RIP. I used to have the Clock albums
  7. The Clock catalogue is not cohesive, but probably as a result the gems were in thicker supply than most seem to remember.

    That was a very good interview once it got going, especially since they were clearly having some in-jokes between themselves at the start (and I almost choked sipping my coffee when they replied "of course not" after she said no drugs entered Clock!)

    Q: "Was it a difficult time when Marcus left?"

    *erupts into laughter*

    A: "I think Marcus was very used to being the top front man".

    I especially enjoyed the commentary and insight on the shift in Clock's style in parallel with N-Trance doing the same. And I love that she got more and more enthusiastic as it went on.

    The mention of Jake Canuso - gosh, what 90s UK-based female-driven dance video was he not in? I had such a crush (I remember thinking he was one of the leads in Queers As Folk).

    The MN8 "Clock-in friends" tid bit.

    And ending on her not having a clue about something a super fan loves immensely - perfect. I'll be listening again.

    I'm now going to put Fly Away on now. What a mega happy hardcore-esque banger.
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  8. Do you reckon Lorna actually sang on any of the records?

    Ann-Marie Smith gets credited as "backing singer" on a lot of the tracks, but I don't think she's singing lead on many of them.
  9. Her Boom Boom Boom acapella was ... remarkably left unchallenged by the hosts, I'll say that.
  10. Whaaaaat? That’s the Urban Cookie Collective lady - Danielle. So she’s now in Clock Collective!
  11. They should've called themselves Clock Crew
  12. Everybody is an absolute banger and so underrated.

    R.i.p Stu.
  13. Like the crude flash animations from newgrounds back in the day??? Haha
  14. Don't know what that is.

    I mean because Marcus used to refer to themselves as "the Clock crew"
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