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Discussion in 'Potential next big things' started by backstreetjoe, Jan 7, 2019.

  1. Others must have agreed because I noticed the cover art for Debut has changed nn.

    I really hope she has some sort of album in the works.

  2. Perched.


    Praying "this is just the beginning" means she's about to kick off a campaign.
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  4. Wait at her disappearing for 9 months and returning with her best song yet.
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  5. Another hit. Album please.

  6. OspreyQueen

    OspreyQueen Staff Member

    New EP. Only two new songs but it’s something.

  7. What in the Bass Down Low by DEV is going on in Gooey Fluid Girls? I'm bopping.
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  8. Good Puss is officially my Song of the Summer! That Robyn 2k20 vocal, those lyrics and that moment the production ascends! Imma be blasting for all the straights to hear this summer!
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  9. I love that she mentions wanting to duet with Shygirl. Their music is very complimentary. Hope it happens!
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  10. Dropping in a few hours.


    I think the Drag Race girls have whiffed her out, I've clocked both Denali and Laganja in her IG replies. Makes sense, she's pretty much tailor-made for a number.
    (And, a bit more obscure but I have to mention it because it threw me so bad, Tunisian artist Emel Mathlouthi as well, ff.)

    @Jonathan27 @Andy French @Petty Mayonnaise @constantino I don't know if you've ever tuned in before but it's time to tune back in again regardless; for your consideration: Exhibit A:
    Exhibit B through F:

    And if we're just checking in for the first time, WET and U KNOW ME still fucking slap.


    @mindtrappa sis I think you could get into this.
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  12. “Good Puss” is STILL that bitch!! Get on it gheys!
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  13. Mm, yes. Very good.
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