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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by ManilaChinchilla, May 28, 2013.

  1. Does anyone else love them? They make me feel proud to be Scottish.
  2. I do. Have done for ages - got all the albums, singles, the box set, the remasters.... They never really had a dip or decline, quality-wise. The Twinlights and Otherness EPs from the tail-end of their career were some of their best works. Blue Bell Knoll is my least favourite album for some reason, I just never warmed to it. My favourite is Heaven Or Las Vegas, I think.
  3. Another admirer here. They epitomised the 4AD aesthetic for me, both in sound and in sleeve designs.

    Heaven or Las Vegas is also my favourite. In truth I don't listen to them nearly enough.
  4. Yes, they were very ethereal and fairy-tale like in sound, image and profile. You couldn't understand her, you didn't know what the hell the songs were about and the sleeves looked like they were from another world. Their song titles are intriguing and strange and a bit silly... but the sonics floor you. It's just art and beauty, without any sense of commercial aspiration, and it's very satisfying. No one has really sounded like them ever since, and I dare say never will. A one-off.
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  5. I think my favourite album that they've done is probably Victorialand. I love how it's basically a concept album about the South Pole.

    Plus, this is just too stunning:


    If I have my life the way I want it, I'd like to way up to this on floating water, or an island.
  6. I'm probably going to listen to them today now!
  7. I loved the Cocteau's in the 80's........

    Saw them on tour a couple of times the last time being when they toured with 'Heaven And Las Vegas'. I remember them getting lot's of air play on Radio 1 with the single 'Ice Blink Luck'..... Simon Mayo's record of the week..... big surprise!

    I kind of feel a bit sad saying this but I rarely play their albums these days.... they actually make me feel too Meloncholy and Nostalgic!

    Treasure is probably my favorite Cocteau Twins album and this is probably one of my favourite tracks


    The Cocteau's have definitely influenced lot's of other artists over the years!
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  8. Another fan here! One of the greatest musical acts to have ever graced the planet. Pretty much all of the albums and EPs were fantastic and Liz Fraser's voice is of course magnificent. They didn't really have any bad songs at all, did they?
    My album ranking goes like this:

    Heaven Or Las Vegas
    Blue Bell Knoll
    Four-Calendar Café
    Milk and Kisses
    Head Over Heels

    My all-time favourite Cocteau Twins song is Cherry-Coloured Funk.
  9. Interesting....I struggled a bit with Four Calendar Cafe...maybe it is the lack of 4AD-ness about it, maybe I liked it when they were completely impenetrable lyrically....I should revisit it.
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  11. I actually really like this album, and Milk & Kisses. There's a new, relaxed and re-energised feel to both. A freshness, light, bright... like the darker, murky, moodier issues and tones of the earlier stuff has all been resolved and they've moved on, or something. It's different, but the same... definitely revisit! But I echo a post further up in that they never really had a bad song/album. I'm baffled as to the lack of solo album from Liz. I know she's done a single, and the odd track, but... really?!
  12. Is it all on the Lullabies To Violaine set?
  13. Yes I love that box, I bought with my first credit card in Tower Records for about £40 or something in 1990something - I think it's not worth so much because it got a big release in the US as well on Capitol Records. All of it is on LTV I think maybe apart from the 'Bonus' CD that was in there, I'm not sure.
  14. Looked on amazon to see how much it is on there (minimum 99.99, up to £400), and then I saw they have the bonus disc contents available as a separate download EP! Not bad.
  15. It seems so quaint and ancient, as it's an old school box set, like maybe the Kate Bush one, with a proper rock solid box, with a textured cloth covering and each disc is in a jewel case, which makes it heavy and bulky, and the box sets we get today are basically just flimsy cardboard things with digi trays if you're lucky, but usually just slipcase/wallet affairs.
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  16. Yeah it did remind of the Kate Bush set from that picture.

    Don't tell me about flimsy modern boxsets! haha.
  17. They were the soundtrack to my high school and a friend went to see them tripping on acid and Elizabeth's head turned into a dog's and she barked her way through several numbers. Alice was always my favorite but there are so many good ones. I would just make up my own lyrics since I could never figure out what she was saying well enough to properly sing along.
  18. They were the most important thing in my life between 1983 and 1986. The day I bought The Pink Opaque... God.

    I have not bought a single reissue though.

    I think it's time for them to (re)do a modern complete box.
  19. Oh yes! That's one of my favourite tracks too.

    I remember thinking Four-Calendar Café was a bit boring when I first heard it, but I've really grown to love it. It's a very relaxing and beautiful album, with Summerhead and Pur as the highlights. Definitely worth revisiting!
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