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Cocteau Twins

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by ManilaChinchilla, May 28, 2013.

  1. Rather than start a new thread, I though some folks may be interested in this:

    Simon Raymonde's latest output ... Track 2 is especially CT-ish ...

    (anfunny gets the credit for alerting me (via his twitter) to this ...)
  2. ^ I saw that in HMV on Monday; it looked "very 4AD" and when I looked closer, I saw who it was and was nearly tempted without even hearing it. I spent the New Year playing all the 80s CT albums from start to finish.....but stopped after Heaven Or Las Vegas...I still need to revisit those last two 90s albums!!
  3. I've been waiting for the Snowbird album for a while... it's quite nice. On a couple of tracks, it really does sound very Cocteaus-ish, and a glance at the titles (Amelia, Woods, Porcelain, Ghosts, etc.), plus the 4AD-on-a-budget-ish artwork reveals it's a bit close to the template than perhaps it should be. I'm sure he'll be accused of trying to recapture that sound... hasn't he said in an interview he needs money or something? He's probably gutted the reunion didn't go ahead. His Bella Union label doesn't really have any high profile/money spinning acts, does it?
  4. Having a renaissance with all things Cocteau's. The unmatched music that sounds like it appeared from another dimension, mostly, but a lot of their artwork was so beautiful too, even by 4AD's high standards (23 Envelope!).

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  5. They're the best thing to have ever came from Fife.

    My copy of The Spangle Maker is on it's way. I'm gonna get all their EPs.

    I want The Pink Opaque.
  6. Been playing all the early Cocteau albums again, in readiness for finally trying to tackle a mammoth 4AD anthology that I've had planned for years now. The debut, Garlands, is quite wears its Siouxsie influences very boldly, but beautifully.
  7. I would, one day, like to run away to the highlands / Outer Hebrides / Orkney & Shetland via plane / train listening to Victorialand.
  8. If there was an actual "4AD World", where everything looked like the cover art, and places and things had names like Cocetau songtitles, I'd buy a ticket there and never come back. Have a feeling it'd be a bit chilly!
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  9. Ahh, the Cocteau Twins…

    So what's Elizabeth up to nowadays… anyone?
    Will she ever finish that illusive solo album?!
  10. Aikea-Guinea is just brilliant. Whilst I don't go in for Garlands much, everything after that up until Heaven Or Las Vegas is breathtaking.
  11. Around every 2 years I have a massive Cocteau Twins-phase in which I listen to nothing else for a few days. I too lost interest in them after Heaven or Las Vegas, although Liz would appear throughout the 90s with Massive Attack and The Future Sound of London.
    After all is said and done it might be a fact that the Cocteaux are the best band ever,
    Even Garlands has some massive moments, especially the Peel-Sessions with backing-vocals by Gordon/Cindy Sharp are amazingly powerful.

    Just imagine Liz Fraser would have been a tabloid-personality. Her tragic relationship with Jeff Buckley would have served headlines for months: "Young Troubadour falls in love with the singer of his late father´s "hit" about a mythical water-witch who lures young men to their watery grave, drowns in Memphis after he broke her heart."
    "It ended in tears: Liz Fraser records Teardrop while her estranged lover dies near Frayser, Tennessee", "Don´t break the siren´s heart!",
    "Daughter of Liz Fraser writes Biography called "When Mama was Goth"...

    All Flowers in Time bend towards the Sun
  12. My love affair with them started in 1985 when I bought the Aikea-Guinea 12".

    They played here in November 1986 but I missed it.

    The CD Singles box set is beautiful.

    I bought all the other singles on CD too.

    The Lullabies To Violaine set is a shambles just like the rest of their remasters. Worst-sounding remasters ever. Robin Guthrie should not have been let near them.

    The best way to listen to them is the original 4AD CDs or LPs.

    For Four Calendar Café and Milk and Kisses, the original CD pressings are good. The vinyl less so.
  13. I love Four Calendar Cafe, one of my favourites along with Victorialand, Heaven Or Las Vegas and Blue Bell Knoll.

    Hope Liz performs live again someday, still kick myself for missing the Meltdown shows a few years back...
  14. Treasure is one of my favourite albums of all time, but I have never got into the rest of their discography. Any suggestions?
  15. Just get them all.

    Apart from Garlands, cause no.
  16. Head over Heels, and Heaven Or Las vegas.

    Everything else next. And yes, Garlands last.
  17. I think Blue Bell Knoll is the worst; a big let-down at the time.
  18. Yeah, Garlands was "before my time", Blue Bell Knoll was the first Cocteau album to be released that left me underwhelmed too. I will be revisiting it soon.
  19. Cico Buff, Carolyn's Fingers and the title track are mostly what I take away from Blue Bell Knoll.

  20. Those first two are actually the only ones I remember!
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