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Cocteau Twins

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by ManilaChinchilla, May 28, 2013.

  1. Oh, and sometimes A Kissed Out Red Floatboat.

    Some of the titles from that album were pretty cringey.
  2. I really like Blue Bell Knoll, but then again I haven't listened to much else from them. Victorialand and Heaven or Las Vegas have been sitting in my iTunes for a while...
  3. Blue Bell Knoll and Head Over Heels are my favourites. I really wish I could get into Garlands more.

    (Also, thank god Liz never really became tabloid fodder. I don't think she could've handled it.)
  4. I was initally a bit let down by Victorialand, I know it´s a fan favourite, but for me it lacked the drum-machine, which was always such a distinct element to their sound. Looking back it IS an amazing album and might be their most "other worldly"-work.

    I think their "imperial phase" ran from Head over Heels, The Spangle Maker EP, Treasure, Aikea-Guinea EP (amazing!), Tiny Dynamine EP, Ehoes in a Shallow Bay EP (those 2 were released on the same day and could be seen as one impeccable album).
    Then there was the ambient phaseof 1986 with Victorialand and The Moon & The Melodies-collaboration from which they returned with their most accessible- and almost-pop-era with Love´s Easy Tears which then led to Blue Bell Knoll and finally Heaven or Las Vegas.

    I like those last 2 albums on 4AD but I think some of their magic has been lost around 1986. Back then they had built their own studio and Guthrie became a total coke-head while Liz steered towards her mental break-down that would end in her realisation of repressed trauma after being abused as a child. It´s all very sad in a way.
  5. I quite like Blue Bell Knoll (the song). The recorded version never did the real thing justice:

    Musically, it bares more than a passing resemblance to something off one of the first Curve EPs.
  6. I own this compilation of the two, so I pretend that it's 'actually' an album. They really struck something wonderful with these EPs.
  7. I want the boxset.
  8. Echoes in a Shallow Bay is truly excellent. I have a thing for their darker heavier moments. "Great Spangled Fritillary" and "Melonella" on that EP, "Tinderbox...", "Musette and Drums", some of Garlands.

    As for the greatest song, it's a scrap between "The Spangle Maker", the title track to Heaven or Las Vegas, "Sugar Hiccup", "Love's Easy Tears" and "Those Eyes, That Mouth"... because "Lorelei" would be too obvious!
  9. They make such a beautiful noise.
  10. [video=youtube;Pr4D-OWgF0I][/video]

    My favourite kind of noise.
  11. Those Eyes That Mouth is amazing.
  12. I love Fifty-Fifty Clown....used to sequence that next to Love Thy Will Be Done by Martika on my 1990 comps.
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  13. The most beautiful noise for me is the whole Aikea Guinea EP, the title track, Kookaburra and Rococo sound lke exploding diamonds in golden sunlight.
    Musette and Drums, the last track on Head over Heels was the first of their songs, where you just wouldn´t stop wondering where all those layers of cascading noise would come from...and they would just build and build with this stomping drum-machine on top.

    The last two tracks on Treasure are also totally amazing. Otterley sounds like a tongue in your ear while Donimo just pulls you off your feet when it gets going towards the end.
    It´s so bizarre that Guthrie basically thinks all of heir work before Echoes in a Shallow Bay/Tiny Dynamine is shit.

    I also love her contribution to Primitive Painters by Felt.
  14. Not surprised - "Love Thy Will Be Done" was written over a sample of the intro of "Fifty-Fifty Clown"! Prince was a massive Cocteaus fan, so "Love..." is him trying to rip them off. If only all ripoffs were so divine.
  15. OH! Hahaha, I never knew that. Makes perfect sense.
  16. That is brand new information.
  17. Listen closely to the start of "Fifty-Fifty Clown"; after the bassline starts but before the drums come in, you can hear a rising chorused pad sound start. It's quite distinctive. Now listen to "Love Thy Will Be Done" - he's sampled the intro and sped it up so it's in a different key, and the pad sound that comes in every 2 bars on the Martika track is very obviously the one from the Cocteau Twins track.
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  18. Oh I can't not hear that now.
  19. It's almost impossible to pick a favourite song, but I think I'll plump for Cherry-Coloured Funk.

    And I knew about that Prince/Martika sample...I feel like such a geek now, haha!
  20. favorite Cocteau Twins song is kind of strange. It's Summerhead on Four Calendar Cafe. I don't know why. It's relentless and relatively agressive and Elizabeth's vocal runs towards the end do weird things to my brain.
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