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Cocteau Twins

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by ManilaChinchilla, May 28, 2013.

  1. I love Summerhead! That one is probably in my top 5, too.

    I have to agree about Those Eyes, That Mouth as well.
  2. This live performance of "Summerhead" from Jools Holland back when FCC was released is astonishing. Liz basically scats a brand new chorus melody with an overload of glossolalia. It is amazing.

  3. WOW. Thanks for sharing, really incredible performance.
  4. No, still no comeback...but The Guardian has just posted "their" 10 favourite Cocteau Twins songs!
    Of course it´s impossible to narrow them down to 10, but I think the choices are pretty good...except for the last two.
    What does PJ think?
  5. good choices but no 'Millimillenary'... hidden gem that one
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  6. That was a "special" on The Pink Opaque compilation, wasn´t it?

    I´m happy that they included Musette & Drums, which was the first time that they managed to produce something that could cause me an out-of-body-experience.
    And also Those Eyes, That Mouth deserved the mention (Over Love´s Easy Tears). Funnily enough, that EP has some of the most clichéd, cheesy 80´s sounds (gated drums, DX7 bells) but they managed to turn it into yet another timeless, unique, orgasmic wall-of-sound. The ending is just unreal!

    I guess the author knew pretty well, that a list of 10 songs could only be rudimentary and I´m happy that they included loads of songs in the write-up, which shows that they knew their stuff.
  7. (I wish I got Cocteau Twins.)
  8. Yes - heard it and realised it wasn't on any of their albums but it was definitely worth tracking down
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  9. Unlike a lot of artists, a Cocteau's top ten is likely to be very personal - no obvious 'bangers' that everyone would choose
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  10. Do you dislike them, or do they just leave you cold?
    My other half is always totally puzzled when I play them at full volume, asking "What IS this?"
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  11. It's not that I dislike them, it's just... they tick so many boxes for me, and people I rate highly adore them, but I just don't hear it.
  12. I see. I wouldn´t even know how to suggest an entry point, but I guess you´re familiar with them anyway. They function on such a primal level and I can absolutely relate why people don´t get them.
    On the other hand, I´am also quite annoyed by the endless "ethereal"- and "the voice of god"-nonsense that keeps getting regurgitated by critics and fans. I find them incredibly raw, daring and utterly surreal.
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  13. Well, they went through phases so their body of work isn't all one sound... the murky, gothy, punky early stuff (Garlands), the dream-pop stuff (Treasure), the ambient phase (Victorialand), the jangle-pop (Four-Calendar Café), etc. so there's "a bit of everything", to an extent. The only continuity is of course Liz's vocal style. I dived in head-first with the singles box set in the 90s and then collected the albums in chronological order. I didn't like Garlands at first, but it grew on me. The rest was a lot easier to get into. Not sure I could do a top 10 tracks... but Violaine never seems to get any love, and it's such a big song. Absolutely love the final two EPs as well - two totally different sounds with the stripped acoustic on one, and the spaced out ambient beats on the other. I've played those to death over the years.
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  14. That list is...hit and miss, but I like that Fluffy Tufts and Aikea Guinea are on it.
  15. I started at 'Heaven...' and sort of spread out from there... I'd sort of suggest it's their most accessible. Ish.

    And @anfunny2003 isn't wrong, the EP's are wonderful.
    Pop down a few entries and see if you don't recognize something, @nostalgiakills.
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  18. The Pink Orate.

    I'll stop now.
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