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Cocteau Twins

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by ManilaChinchilla, May 28, 2013.

  1. My favourite Cocteau Twins tune!
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  2. Well, that link was fascinating and utterly crazy.
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  4. I think that this post you quoted sums it all up quite nicely, don´t you think?!
    The basic facts are hard to refute:
    The late Tim Buckley writes Song To The Siren, a song about drowning in the wake of ancient "water witches".
    Liz is asked to sing the obscure Song To The Siren, which she did in one take and it became a timeless classic, inspiring many (visual and musical) artists for decades.
    Jeff Buckley is fascinated by the rendition of his fathers song and falls in love with Liz eventually.
    Wild romance ensues which ultimately ENDS IN TEARS, when Liz hears of Buckley drowning while she´s in the studio recording TEARDROP.

    The story is tragic and almost unbelievable on surface level. But the rabbit hole that is opened here with all the symbolism that is involved, makes me seriously question the fabric of what we perceive as reality.

    I appreciate that he himself is mocking himself for all the batshittery that he digs up.

    I´m reading this blog for over a decade and it baffles me to no end. This man is not one of those conspiracy theorists who´s in it for the money, nor is he a dried-up esoteric.
    Even if you allow yourself to believe only ten percent of what Chris Knowles is presenting here, you´ll actually find yourself questioning the reality of your own existence.
  5. Wait, there was a romance between Jeff Buckley and Liz Frazer?
  6. There certainly was. Quite a lot of the material from the Cocteaus' final era is about him. And then there's this:

  7. Mind blown. How did I not have any idea this happened?
  8. Well. they were not especially tabloid personalities, weren´t they?

    I had sort of abanodend them after Heaven Or Las Vegas and the first time I came to know about
    Liz being the survivor of incest and childhood trauma was this brilliant piece by David Stubbs/Mr. Agreeable in 2004. It hit me like a ton of bricks!
    It was such a shock that the people who created these amazingly beautiful, one-of-a-kind, surreal records were indeed a miserable bunch of coke heads and potential sufferers of multi-personality-disorder.
    Well, that sound and that voice had to come from somewhere.

    It was about this time that I had these occasional blasts of Cocteau-fever. A time where I would listen to nothing except CT for a few weeks. So when The Secret Sun started writing about the ramifications of Liz´ and Jeff´s romance, I wasn´t even surprised.

    Their unreleased duet All Flowers In Time Bend Towards The Sun, which @nostalgiakills linked above is so, so heartbreakingly beautiful. Liz however was trying to keep it from appearing anywhere. She felt it was unfinished and saw it as an intrusion of her privacy that other people would hear it.
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  9. True, but I was reading the (serious) music press back then, so just a bit surprised I hadn't picked up on anything, not even in the reviews of Milk & Kisses.
  10. I had never considered that “Song the the Siren” may have played any role in their paths crossing!

    Is the song “Heaven or Las Vegas” the main example in their catalogue of Liz’ accent breaking through? I hear it in the way she sings the title line.
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  11. The link to the David Stubbs piece goes somewhere else when i try it.
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  13. Elizabeth Fraser makes a second rare appearance this year on Jonsi’s new album out in October.
    She also did a wonderful duet with Sam Lee on his album Old Wow earlier this year.

  14. This week marked Garlands´ 39th anniversary! I did a magical mash-up with a Jimmy Scott song to celebrate:
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