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Coldplay - Music of the Spheres

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by B.A.D., Oct 21, 2019.

  1. Higher Power is out now. Definitely more of a (very) safe bop than the last album’s offerings. Not earth shattering on first listen, but the production is really slick, it’s catchy and ultimately I really like it.
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  2. I just need to accept I'll never love anything as much as their first 4 albums. I miss the rock sound. This feels so faceless.
  3. Yeah, I pretty much like all their stuff, but I do wish they’d go back to basics again at some point. A bit more rock and grit like those first few albums.
  4. At least they’ve fulfilled part of this?
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  5. Did this song take 17-year-old shrimp on a goddamn journey daily in 2005?
  6. The SHADE.
  7. Still probably my favourite Coldplay song!
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  8. Facts:
    1. The song is just okay. They didn’t need to work with Max Martin.
    2. Every song on last album was better than their new single.
    3. Their first four albums remain their best pieces of work!
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  9. It starts out terrible and improves marginally in the last third A Sky Full Of Stars does basic much better.
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  10. I was expecting something much stronger, especially with Max on board, but maybe this will be a grower.

    As album artists, they no longer come close to the magic of records like Parachutes, A Rush Of Blood... and Viva..., but they are still good for giving us killer singles every now and then (Adventure Of A Lifetime, Magic), and I had hoped this would be in the same vein. But again, it may grow and I still look forward to the new album.
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  11. Maybe it's a grower but not very memorable on 1st listen.
    I was a very big fan in the beginning but they already lost me after album 2. Album 3 was just wrong, they're not U2 and they shouldn't have tried to do a poor imitation. Speed of Sound is Coldplay at their worst, amazed anyone likes it. But of course things turned out even worst and some later singles are just diabolical like Every Teardrop is a Waterfall aka Ritmo de la Noche or Aventure of a Lifetime that almost sounds like the Corrs!
  12. This was Coldplay's peak for me.

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  13. Oh! I was actually quite happy with the U-2 inspired sound. I also loved the Kraftwerk sample on Talk. That album and their debut are tied at first place for me.
  14. I never really understood the hatred for X&Y. I know the band don’t even like it themselves, but I do. I feel they had just reached ‘backlash point’. It’s littered with good songs.
  15. I really do not mind the simple lyrics but along with that I would like to hear a song that has a more experimental structure. Also no one does the repetitiveness as good as Girls Aloud.

    This new track sounds like something current Take That could come up with.
  16. I hated their past two albums but I actually don't mind this.
  17. Is there hatred for that album?

    The highest points on X&Y are their literal best work so fuck that. Talk... christ. A song.
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  18. Wonder if the album will be coming June 11th, would explain why Wolf Alice pushed their release up a week. Everyday Life had a similar month long wait between initial teasers and release.
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  19. I'd have preferred mid noughties-early 10s Take That. Hell, even 90s Take That would have been better.

    This is...whelming.
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