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Coldplay - Music of the Spheres

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by B.A.D., Oct 21, 2019.

  1. I’m a Coldplay apologist but this is trash
  2. It's okay. Definitely feels like an attempt to claw back the locals that abandoned them the last era.
  3. 2014

    2014 Staff Member

    I knew exactly how this was going to sound before I played it. Meh.
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  4. This will be their ninth album and they're 20+ years into their career. They should be long past worrying about that.
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  5. I actually kind of love it dd
  6. I enjoyed it.
    I'll see them live again when they tour, they always put on a great show.
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  7. This would be a good song for, like... Maroon 5...
  8. I really like the chorus. It's catchy as hell and feels very Coldplay but I don't really like the production on this. It sounds a bit plastic-y and overproduced in a similar way that the Mylo album was. I'm not sure if Max Martin was really a good fit for them.
  9. Late on hearing this, but it feels like it takes a while for this song to really kick in? Maybe I’m in the minority here, but I can be in the mood for the “overproduced” plastic, soundscape of Mylo, but this doesn’t seem to go there like that record did, nor does it serve “intimate” Coldplay so it ends up just... there.

  10. Considering the promotional push behind the launch, this is a great—if unsurprising—result so far. It’s at #3 so far, and the Brits opening performance should help sustain momentum…
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  11. I don't mind this, and it might even grow on me. The way he's beckoning in the verses gives it a little flavor. But it's a very jarring single release coming off of Everyday Life. I'm not sure who it's for? Maybe they felt they needed a palate cleanser between the heavier material in Everyday Life and what's next. (Which means I'm hoping the actual album offers more ...) I just wish the palate cleanser was a little more interesting. Especially lyrically.
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  12. Their first Hot 100 entry since Something Just Like This in 2017—with a surprising amount of Top 40 radio pickup since release. Legend Max strikes again!

    Also, it wound up debuting at #12 in the UK, narrowly missing a 19th Top 10.

    The song's really grown on me in large part due to the build to that final capital-C Coldplay Chorus wherein Chris opts up on the topline. It's all a bit lyrically trite, yes, but they've always carried that off with such earnestness and this is hitting no differently—especially as the weather improves and things open back up. I'm looking forward to a summer hearing this out and about.
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  13. Big Pop Girl Chris Martin in a Dave Meyers-directed video for this. It's fun and drenched in Meyers' traditionally... rubbery CGI.

    Frankly, I get way more mileage out of watching a live performance of this like their BRITs opening on the Thames, but it's fun to see them in their Mylo Xyloto bag playing retro-futuristic sci-fi instruments.

    The opening bit of music has been confirmed as "Music of the Spheres," which... still may be the album title? We'll see!
  14. How many videos does this song need?

    It is growing on me though.
  15. The video is delightful and it's given the song much more life for me. I agree that it's a grower, even if I still can't unhear snatches from the Bee Gees' 'Nights On Broadway' in the chorus melody.

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  16. I'm totally hearing 'boys of summer' on that chorus... for a few weeks I'm like... which 80s song is it?????
  17. New album, Music of the Spheres out in October.

    Bits of their last album were good, but Higher Power was…bad and they sound like they’re going for a more commercial sound from the snippets.

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  18. Bye at some the song titles literally just being emojis.
  19. I'm always interested in new Coldplay, but that title and some of the snippets are giving me Muse 'teas'. And recent Muse at that, which is definitely not a good thing.
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  20. I really like the concept and visuals but those emoji titles. Many of them are less than a minute long looking at the lengths on iTunes. The actual music doesn't sound that great either from that trailer, bar the last track.
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