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Coldplay - Music of the Spheres

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by B.A.D., Oct 21, 2019.

  1. Island

    Island Staff Member

    The Selena Gomez song is painful. They both sound terrible.
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  3. The idea that they've gone from the magnificent Ghost Stories to this trash is painful. I checked out of Coldplay fandom after that album.
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  4. It's such a nothing song and her vocal brings nothing to it.

    Clearly they were hoping for another Princess Of China moment, but this is not in the same league.
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  5. “People of the Pride” does slap a bit, and I like the horns.
  6. True! I also like Heart song a lot. I think the album isn't that bad overall, it does fall flat a bit at the end even though the last song is truly beautiful. Last album was certainly better but I wouldn't call this one utter disaster like majority here thinks.
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  7. Yeah I think it’s fine. I’ll need some more time with it, but it’s very lightweight.
  8. Coloratura is the best thing on the album and they shouldn't have released it before the album dropped. At least Sam Sparro is getting some coin from the sample in Pride.
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  9. I'm not going to lie, I just heard My Universe for the first time and.....I am bopping. What a guilty pleasure bop.
  10. It’s funny as when I first heard they were teaming up with BTS I rolled my eyes, but it’s actually the best thing on the album.
  11. Monday midweeks:

    1 Coldplay - Music of the Soheres (81.2k) *
    2 The Beatles - Let It Be (12.8k) ^
    3 Daniel O'Donnell - 60 (5.4k) *
    4 The Charlatans - A Head Full of Ideas (4.8k) *
    5 Joy Crookes - Skin (4.6k) *

    Bloody hell I had no idea Coldplay were still so popular.
  12. Yeah, me too. I actually presumed that this one was going to flop! I guess having generic material and popular features did the trick.
  13. Plus buying the CD gets you access to a pre sale...
  14. I'd imagine the presale access is doing a lot more to propel sales than a couple of features. Their popularity as a live act has never waned and they have only four dates scheduled in the UK, three of which are in London.
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  15. 2014

    2014 Staff Member

    Humankind knocks but this album just has nothing of note - who ever wanted Coldplay feat. Selena Gomez???
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  16. RJF


    What is wrong with this country, part 634,902.
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  17. Middle aged heteros gonna Middle age hetero.
  18. I'm a gay, middle-aged male who bought The Beatles reissue cos I love them.

    But knock yourselves out with the ageism!
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  19. This album is... not good. I am shocked at those midweek numbers.
  20. Coldplay is a habitual buy for a lot of people at this point.

    I'm truly gutted by how meh the album is, but 'Human Heart' and 'Coloratura' are gems.
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